UConn remains undefeated, beat Notre Dame for title

Connecticut won the National Championship in decisive fashion, downing Notre Dame 79-58.

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  1. Well, Jeff…..

    Auriemma is a guy who doesn't sugar coat anything and speaks his mind. Thus he offends some people. Like Monday's press conference when he said there were people who expected him and McGraw to sit down and have coffee after the game. His following sentence was "that shit ain't gonna happen," though mainstream media took out the "shit."

    Then there's the confidence/arrogance debate. Auriemma is a very confident guy who is not shy about talking about how great his program is. His fans say that's confidence, and his detractors say that's arrogance. You be the judge.

    Thirdly, a lot of fans are really sick of UConn. Of course Husky fans say that means they're jealous.

    The debate never ends 🙂

    • Can I interrupt? Thanks Sue
      MM has been talking since Selection Sunday and didn't stop until a day before the Title game. "We got pretty good at beating them" "no more civility between the us" "and speaking of having no class," all quoted by MM.

      I've been saying for the past 7 years that if Geno was a Woman, things would be different. If he didnt posed a threat to Pats Records, it wouldnt be a problem. When you've accomplished as much as he has, nothing wrong with poking your Chest out.

  2. Oh no. If you start losing your balanced approach, Huskygirl, then I give up talking to anyone.

    I posed a very reasoned list on why some people don't care for Auriemma. The example from the other day was only one of many that you can name where he's offended people with his course wording.

    I gave Jeff the main three reasons. That's it.

  3. I get what you're saying Sue, and yes Geno has rubbed some the wrong way. I read a lot of Blogs over the last couple of weeks and all I read was negativity from the fans

    "Im tired of seeing UConn win Titles" "Geno is a jerk" "anybody but Conn." "I dont want Geno to pass PSs Record" to name a few. Not acknowledging how hard these Ladies work or the amount of time Geno puts in. You dont
    have to like someone in order to give credit. Im just sick and tired of these people and their continuous hate towards Geno. Geno will retire as the greatest Coach in Wmns History.