Championship game pre-funk

Muffet McGraw and Geno Auriemma plain don’t like each other.

The Final Four schedule will change next year.

More college news:

College of Charleston coach Natasha Adair has been offered the job at Georgetown.

Dawn Staley’s South Carolina team likely hasn’t reached its peak.


  1. “If you are going to come in and try to live in that air, then you need to deal with it,” Geno said.

    That comment is the most important one. If you're going to step on the Porch, be prepared to fight with the Big Dogs. MM is out of her Mind if she thinks Geno will bow down to her.

    After the whooping we gave them tonight, that respect shes asking for is buried. I see why she and SD was close. Both are whiny sore losers who want others to cater to them.