Finalists for Russell Athletic/WBCA Division I coach of the year

The list:

• Region 1 – Geno Auriemma, University of Connecticut
• Region 2 – Muffet McGraw, University of Notre Dame
• Region 3 – Dawn Staley, University of South Carolina, Columbia
• Region 4 – Jennifer Roos, Bowling Green State University
• Region 5 – Kim Mulkey, Baylor University
• Region 6 – Curt Miller, Indiana University
• Region 7 – Ryun Williams, Colorado State University
• Region 8 – Scott Rueck, Oregon State University

I think we need to have a separate list for mid-major coaches. Too many great names left off this list.


  1. With all due respect to Dawn Staley (since I believe this would be her region), this list is a joke without Wes Moore. Yes, NC State lost in the first round, but the job he's done all year has been phenomenal.

    The inclusion of Rueck, Williams, and Miller is a relief, though. (Of course, none of them will be finalists. Let's give more awards to the teams with superstar players!)