The bracket has been unveiled.

On the “Around the Rim” show that I was on earlier, I picked South Carolina as a #1 seed, which turned out to be the case.

Fran Harris asked us each for a “dark horse” team that we expected to do well, and I said North Carolina State. Coincidentally, I will get to see the Pack play this weekend at the Los Angeles regionals, which I am covering.

I don’t really see any teams that I disagree with being selected. But I do have Seattle and Knoxville regionals envy.


CSUN got a tough draw with the Gamecocks.

It’s been a while since Penn was in the Tournament.

The WCC sends both Gonzaga and BYU. Not a surprise for those of us who have seen the Cougars play.

Five teams from the Pac-12 in the Dance!

So many West coast teams dancing…..great to see.

Both Lister sisters going dancing.

College Station will be a tough regional.

Will there be as much parity in the Tournament as there has been in the regular season?

Your thoughts?


  1. I am really excited about how the PAC-12 does with five teams in… had hit the mute button on alot of ESPN Women's Bracket shows…I understand how great UCONN and Notre Dame are but please simmer down now there are 60-plus other teams to talk about…at least men's side took time to talk about every team in bracket…I would luv see a West Coast team win and stun these talking heads into silence

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