Stanford upset at Pac-12 Tournament

USC knocked off #4 Stanford in tonight’s Pac-12 Tournament semifinal, 72-68. It’s the first time in the history of the tournament that the Cardinal have failed to make the final.

(I’m still in slight shock, three hours later)

The Trojans will face Oregon State in tomorrow’s final. The Beavers downed Washington State, 70-60, in semifinal two.

No one predicted this finals match up.

This might be the upset of the month so far, with South Carolina’s fall earlier today a close second.


#10 Duke put away #13 North Carolina, 66-61, in the tournament semifinal.

#2 Notre Dame routed #14 North Carolina State, 83-48, in the other semifinal.

Big Ten:

#16 Nebraska dusted #19 Michigan State, 86-58, in the tournament semifinal.

They’ll face #23 Iowa.

Ohio Valley:

UT Martin beat Belmont for the title, 78-66.

Big 12:

#7 West Virginia 67, TCU 59.

#9 Baylor 81, Kansas 47.

#18 Oklahoma State 67, Iowa State 57.

Texas 82, Oklahoma 72.

Full scoreboard.

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  1. WARNING: Rant follows.

    Gosh, it's so wonderful [sarcasm] having Fox Sports cover women's basketball tournaments. I missed 40 minutes of real time coverage yesterday of two Big 12 games.

    I think Fox has overbooked events. It was nice that a 2A girls' high school tourney in Indiana was on, but why was FCSC showing it to me in Seattle? And not just the game, but the interminable awards ceremony? And no scores on a crawl? 2:15 of the first half of Baylor/Kansas isn't why I pay Comcast so much every month!

  2. I know, I know. It's just that I'm old and grumpy and like to stay home. Love that Big 12 (10 teams).

    Wow! Stanford knocked out of the PAC-whatever-# tournament!