Tournaments seeing upsets

Big Ten:

Ohio State put away #11 Penn State, 99-82.

#23 Iowa came back to beat #17 Purdue, 87-80.


Washington State downed #20 Cal, 91-83.


#13 North Carolina defeated #8 Maryland, 73-70.

More tournament results:


#6 Tennessee powered by LSU, 77-65.

#5 South Carolina eased past Georgia, 67-48.

#13 Kentucky edged Florida, 75-70.

#15 Texas A&M routed Auburn, 86-54.

Big Ten:

#16 Nebraska topped Minnesota, 80-67.

#19 Michigan State slipped by Michigan, 61-58.


#4 Stanford took out Colorado, 69-54.

USC squeaked by Arizona State, 59-57.


#14 North Carolina State beat Syracuse, 79-63.

#10 Duke hammered Georgia Tech, 82-52.


#21 Gonzaga handled San Francisco, 81-68.

BYU thrashed Pepperdine, 77-51.

Full scoreboard.


  1. Absolutely, Rhone, and I hope you do too.

    See the second page of this document:

    Tom Collen's record at Arkansas, where he was just fired yesterday, was .689 after seven seasons.

    Now look at the first page of this document:

    Daugherty is 56-129 over six seasons.

    Ohio State coach Jim Foster was fired a couple years ago with a far greater record than Daugherty's.

    The difference is that at Arkansas and Ohio State, they have greater expectations for their women's basketball programs. WSU should develop the same standards.

    One 17-15 season doesn't make up or erase six previous seasons of crap. The Cougars upset USC in the Pac-12 Tournament two years ago. They were self-congratulatory in the press conference, and the next day came in and got their asses handed to them.

    Daugherty needs to go.

  2. Sue, I can't say that I agree with booting JD because my suspicion is that WSU's program goals are to be Pac-12 competitive.
    Now, if the goal is greater, I'm with you. In fact, I support your theory that even a successful coach like Jim Foster can be fired if consistently winning a bunch of games but not contending for a National Championship doesn't meet expectations.
    (As a decades-long Stanford season ticket holder, I could argue that TVD hasn't elevated the program to elite Tier 1 status to match Notre Dame and UCONN. Should we Jim Foster her or is she on the path to taking us there?)
    Fundamentally, I think JD is on the path that WSU expects of her program. But, yeah. Change the goal and you probably need to change who gets you there.

  3. That's what I'm saying, Suzie, is that WSU needs to change their goals, and fast. In case they haven't noticed, the entire conference is on the rise. There will be three, and possibly four NCAA Tournament berths this year for the first time in a long while. WSU is going to be left behind.

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