Officials are set to reduce the physicality of the game this year

Officials are set to reduce the physicality of the game this year.

Other college news:

Gonzaga is laden with seniors.

DePaul is looking for their 12th straight NCAA Tournament appearance this year.

The UConn women are expected to do more than repeat this season.

Duke seniors have unfinished business.

Transfer Whitney Bays may help Purdue.

Gioya Carter is giving Sooner coach Sherri Coale flashbacks to Stacey Dales. New rules may bode well for speedy Oklahoma. The Sooners are loaded this year.

Michigan State is ready to make an impact.

Arielle Roberson is ready to take the next step for Colorado. Coach Linda Lappe is pleased about this year’s rule changes.

It’s a new era for Iowa.

Montana State’s small forwards present coach Tricia Binford with opportunities.


  1. Very informative officiating post — appreciate the specificity in the points of emphasis. (Though I'm having trouble picturing an "arm bar.")

    I'm in the minority (I presume) that doesn't like the implementation of the 10-second rule. I'd have preferred they eliminate the "over-and-back" penalty. Eliminate the significance of the center line altogether — let the game be a 94-foot roadrace or crawl, within the confines of the shot-clock. There are plenty of strategic/coaching possibilities.
    It's also a way for the women's game to be distinctive — maybe even ahead of the curve (I wonder if that's where the NBA is headed by using 8 rather than 10 seconds in the back-court).
    Might be a way to emphasize speed over physicality, too.

    Side note/Pet Peeve:
    It bugs me that the offense can in-bound a ball from the front-court into the back-court. Such a pass is not allowed when the ball is live; why is it permissible in this dead-ball situation? It doesn't seem fair to the defense.