Gearing for game two

More on game one:

Monica Wright was vital to the Lynx:

“She was amazing,” Moore said. “She lifted us completely to another level, so much energy. Her defense, her hustle, her activity. She is vital to us, and we need that from her. When she plays like that, she gives everybody else life.

Wright does what it takes.

Minnesota is aware of a possible bounce back by the Dream.

Atlanta forward Angel McCoughtry said her team must stop being nice if they want to win a title.

Post-game press conferences.

Game two and beyond:

Much news in the Finals blog – Tiffany Hayes is a gametime decision tomorrow after a bad fall in game one, Seimone Augustus expects things to get chippy tomorrow, and Angel McCoughtry wants her team to step up.

Rebekkah Brunson plays a key role for Minnesota in their hunt for a second championship.

Janel McCarville is a perfect compliment to her flashier teammates.

Non-playoffs news:

Storm point guard Temeka Johnson enters the fold.

College news:

Tennessee has found a new athletic trainer to replace Jenny Moshak.

Maryland is enjoying their new, remodeled locker room.


  1. Has Coach Williams explained his reasoning for starting his small line-up? (I've searched around a bit, but to no avail.)
    I realize Hayes exploded during Atlanta's regular season win over the Lynx.
    But isn't Minny's vulnerability (such as it it) a lack of size in the frontcourt? Coach Reeve kinda acknowledged this in her post-game remarks, referencing the Dream's offensive boards and points in the paint.
    I just don't see the advantage of that line-up against this team — Brunson's the kind of "4" who is a pretty good match for McCoughtry athletically.

  2. If Angel says Atlanta must stop being "nice," I assume that means Lori Ann will start tonight. Refs, keep a sharp watch on her: those pouts should draw technical foul calls.