Peak performers and playoff preparations

The WNBA named its peak performers today: Angel McCoughtry for points, Sylvia Fowles for rebounds and Danielle Robinson for assists.

The league put up an anecdote/theme for each playoff team, and it’s pretty right on.

More on the playoff teams:

The Fever ignores their seed and prepares to defend their title.

Mystics Magazine, episode eight.

Lynx forward Seimone Augustus loves the game.

Minnesota got in a lengthy, intense practice today.

Storm point guard Sue Bird is getting back in shape, but not in time for the team’s playoff run.

General WNBA:

The New York Times claims the “three to see” campaign was a success.


  1. The NYT is obviously bound and determined to make a story out of Griner when there isn't much of one. Pretty incredible that EDD has one of the best rookie seasons in the history of the league and gets one paragraph in this piece.

    A more appropriate and factual story would have been "Del Donne rescues the W while Griner and Diggins come along for the ride." Griner has her underdeveloped game & LGBT mission, Diggins has her missed layups & free Jay Z Benzmobile but Del Donne actually has game, consistently delivered and made the WNBA "real" in Chicago with attendance up 17%, almost double the next closest franchise increase. That's the story. This piece sounds like it was written by Richie's PR department and it's allies.

    Would like to know where the NYT came up with the stat of an 8.9% increase in "ticket sales". Richie maybe? quotes the correct increase at 1% (7532 +/-) which is the third lowest in the history of the league. Only last year and 2006 had lower attendance. Interesting they got the other stats basically right but made a "mistake" on what was obviously the most important data point.