Lynx regain themselves with a win

Tonight the Lynx regained their footing after a string of losses, beating the Sun, 91-77. Rebekkah Brunson lead the way for Minnesota with 24 points and 11 rebounds.

Team news:

Sun….Kara Lawson is back with the team after spending time with her father, who had a heart attack. Lawson is feeling a sadness that transcends basketball.

Injuries have made an uphill battle even harder for the Sun.

Connecticut’s season was hampered from the start.

Tina Charles: the MVP you don’t see.

Sky….are about to make the playoffs for the first time in franchise history, but they are not satisfied.

Mercury….Brittney Griner discusses her journey so far as a pro.

Charde Houston has become a fashion entrepreneur.

Interim coach Russ Pennell is stressing defense.

Liberty….coach Bill Laimbeer has been fined for commenting that Lynx forward Maya Moore “should get hurt” after a game last week.

Mystics….a minute with Emma Meesseman.

Tomorrow’s game previews:

Dream at Mystics

Silver Stars at Shock

Liberty at Sky

Storm at Mercury


A UConn orthopedist has developed a new ACL treatment.


  1. The more you read about Pennell and watch what he's doing with PHX the more impressive he seems as a coach and leader. He may not be helping DT's run on the scoring or MVP titles too much but he's positioning the team perfectly for the postseason. The time to discover defense isn't during the playoffs, it's well in advance of them.

    The opposite applies to Laimbeer. He's got no business coaching in any league if he's going to make comments like that about ballers. There are enough injury issues in the W without head coaches saying stupid things like that. What an idiot.