Pondering what’s going on

I’m still scratching my head at the twin meltdowns of the Western Conference’s top two teams last night. In their respective fourth quarters, the Lynx scored five points on 2/14 shooting and had eight turnovers. The Sparks put up four points on 2/10 shooting with nine turnovers.

I don’t know what it means. But the situation seems a little more dire in Minneapolis at the moment, where the Lynx have lost four of their last five games. It remains to be seen whether Los Angeles will try to duplicate their efforts in Seattle over the next week.

In the meantime tonight, Shavonte Zellous returned to the court to lead the Fever over the Silver Stars, 80-63.

The Lynx tweeted that San Antonio’s loss means Minnesota has clinched a playoff berth. No word on the dot-com about that yet.

The race for the playoffs is getting tight.

Team news:

Mystics….Mystics Magazine, episode six.

General WNBA:

Pictures of celebrities at WNBA games this summer.

It’s interesting that no Lakers players show up to Sparks games to support them here in LA, but some of the Clippers do.

Sparks forward Candace Parker met Mr. Belding at the recent WNBA All-Star game.

Tomorrow’s game preview:

Lynx at Sun


  1. L Whalen has been taking more shots than Augustus and Maya, that should never happen. Put pressure on Whalen, Minny buckles. Put a great defender on Maya/Mone, they buckle. What Atlanta did Tuesday night was awesome. Linn Dunn gave us the blueprint last yr in the Finals, it works. Lol

    As far as L.A., keep Candace out the paint, keep Nneka off the boards and you win. S Storm is a better defensive team than L.A., but Im positive Ross will figure it out.