Red hot Sparks put away injury-depleted Fever, 94-72

My game story, with the most in-depth quotes from coaches and players.


  1. Nice Piece. Gotta like Dunn's attitude. She's right about nothing really mattering until the playoffs. Sparks are looking good though.

  2. Thank you. I like Dunn's attitude too. I like Catchings' even better: she was good-humored in the locker room and said they did what they could with the personnel that they had. They will continue to battle, she promised. I have no doubt.

    Sparks are indeed looking good, but it seems a little dangerous to say they've turned a corner, are gelling, etc. That was my question which garnered Candace's response in the story.

  3. I think Catchings is one of the best role models in the W. Her leadership, class, work ethic and how she overcame her hearing / speech impediment issues send all of the right messages to young ballers about why sports matter. I've never heard her whine or complain. She's impressive.

    I think this year will either push Parker over the top into true superstardom or not. If the Sparks can make a deep legit run into the playoffs possibly winning a title she's there. Particularly given her performance in the all star game. She's amazingly talented but other than her extremely fast start in her rookie year she hasn't really yet lived up her original hype. A person is left to wonder what might have been had she kept playing instead of having the baby. It was a brave personal choice by her that clearly impacted her career. In any case I hope they can make it happen. The Sparks are about due for a championship. Six wins in a row is pretty cool but as noted it is no substitute for successful playoff experience.

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