Longtime Lady Vol athletic trainer Jenny Moshak “retiring”

Jenny Moshak is retiring over issues related to a lawsuit against the University of Tennessee that she is a plaintiff in:

Jenny Moshak is leaving the athletic trainer’s room at the University of Tennessee, but not without having a final say.

The associate director of sports medicine at UT, who’s a co-plaintiff in a lawsuit against UT, issued a statement Friday through her lawyer, Keith D. Stewart, saying that she took an early retirement over issues related to the suit.

“Due to the overall atmosphere since I raised issues of equality at the University of Tennessee and given the university’s unwillingness to address the issues of discrimination and retaliation, I cannot continue my association with the university’s athletic department,” Moshak said in the statement.

Moshak, who worked at UT for 24 years, said in the statement that her retirement began on Thursday. She said that she will continue pursuing a career in sports medicine and “continue the fight for equality and justice within athletics.”


  1. Interesting post. Some pretty strong feelings over at UT going both ways. It doesn't take a genius to know that if you sue your employer the working environment is bound to become a bit tense. Hopefully it's not lost on anyone that Warlick wanted the prior strength coach (also a party to the lawsuit) fired because she wasn't getting the job done.

    Trying to contest any lawsuit in the media is normally a bad idea. Hopefully the legal people Moshak is working with know what they are doing. On the surface it doesn't look like that is the case. Drama doesn't normally win lawsuits, facts do.

    I'm a bit surprised that a site like the one you linked to would put up a piece like this.