Hoopism is five years old

On this day in 2008, I put up my first blog entry in this space. Countless games, analyses and events later, this post is my 3,952nd. Along the way I’ve had a great time, made some friends, learned some things, networked, and been to a few Final Fours. My goal remains the same: to tell the story of women’s basketball, at whatever level.

I’m a good person for this mission, because I am a fan-atic for basketball. I push other, significant things aside to attend games all the time. The sweetest sound to me is the “squeak squeak” of shoes on a court and the sound of a ref’s whistle when pulling up to a gym.

Thank you to the hundreds of peeps who pass by each day and view the page – I appreciate it. And as always, if you know of a story that should be told, please let me know.

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  1. Congratulations Sue! Your blog is a highlight of my day and I wish you continuing success with your wonderful insight on women's basketball.

    Looking forward to seeing you at USC WBB games soon!