Former SDSU coach Beth Burns fired for this?

Things have been hush-hush around the “retirement” of longtime San Diego State coach Beth Burns last spring. But the truth may be out – that she was let go for nudging one of her assistant coaches on the bench during a game.

Neither Burns or the University is talking, but her former associate head coach is:

“To this day, it’s still mind-boggling,” Jualeah Woods, who served as Burns’ lead assistant and is now at the University of Southern California, told UT San Diego’s Mark Zeigler. “Her life gets turned upside down for what they call just cause. When I saw the video, I was like, ‘What the heck? So what?’ “

I had heard the school had been trying to get rid of Burns for a while. Perhaps this was the first opportunity they found.


  1. Good link. Interesting to know what happened. I wouldn't call it "incidental contact" with both hits taking place in the same game. The second shot was particularly aggressive. Pretty strange coming from a coach with as much experience as Burns.

    She's lucky she got a chance to retire if the school had to pay the guy a quarter million dollars to go away. SDSU probably would have been within their rights to fire her.