Yet another bangin’ news day

Tonight’s game:

The Mercury outlasted the Mystics, 101-97.

Diana Taurasi scored 26 for Phoenix and Crystal Langhorne 27 for Washington.

Team news:

Sky….guard Sharnee Zoll-Norman has come out as a lesbian, and will participate in this Sunday’s gay pride parade in Chicago.

Fever….general manager Kelly Krauskopf discusses the team’s injury woes.

Storm….selling tickets isn’t easy without stars Lauren Jackson and Sue Bird.

Lynx….Minnesota is ready for for rematch with LA tomorrow, and there will be no lineup changes for now.

Mercury….Charde Houston is fearless.

Tomorrow’s game previews:

Shock at Fever

Mystics at Dream

Sparks at Lynx

Liberty at Storm

College news:

A former Oakland University player says ex-coach Beckie Francis tried to impose her religious beliefs on her.

New North Carolina State coach Wes Moore is preparing for the “brutal” ACC.

Tayshana Murphy:

The man convicted of killing New York City hoops star Tayshana Murphy in 2011 has been sentenced to 25 years in prison – the maximum possible.


  1. PHX has won six of their last seven games. Taurasi has technical fouls in six of their last seven games also including another one this evening. She's probably in the running for the scoring and MVP titles again this year and it appears she's a lock for most technicals before even a quarter of the season is gone.

    Hopefully Phoenix's winning isn't as correlated to Taurasi's bad attitude as it appears.

  2. Maybe, Maybe not, but it is what they called. If Taurasi wouldn't go out of her way to be obnoxious and aggravate the refs they wouldn't be looking to T her up.

    As far as I can tell she largely gets what she deserves. We're only a quarter of the way through the season and she's pretty much pissed off every ref in the league.

    Not only is it bush league on her part but it shows poorly for the W and those that want it to succeed. Refs are only human and it's one of those basic basketball maxims that you don't want the refs angry at you or your team particularly once the playoffs are near.

    Now maybe Taurasi is doing the good cop / bad cop thing where she's out of control the first part of the season and somehow rehabilitates herself in time for the refs not to be looking to T her up in the playoffs. It would be cool if she thought that far ahead but I'm doubting she does.

    She didn't learn this at UConn. Geno would have sat her at the end of the bench if she tried to pull this act playing for him.

    I don't wish her ill, I just wish she'd grow the hell up and act like one of the best female ballers in the world instead of like a kid that just broke out of detention.

    Only Taurasi's poor sportsmanship could get me to cheer for Angel for MVP. Frankly McCoughtry is no paragon of great sportsmanship either but at least she's not trying to get in Guinness for the most technicals in a season.