Glory Johnson, Angel McCoughtry are players of the week

Glory Johnson and Angel McCoughtry are the Western and Eastern conference players of the week.

Team news:

Liberty….Q&A with Avery Warley.

Tomorrow’s game previews:

Fever at Dream

Mercury at Silver Stars

College coaching changes:

I heard that Baylor assistant coaches Damion McKinney and Rekha Patterson had left the program several weeks ago, but there was never an announcement. Now, their replacements have been named.

Jacksonville State has named Rick Pietri head coach.


  1. Ms. F,
    Are you privy to the circumstances under which the Baylor assistants (particularly Coach McKinney) "left the program"?
    Wasn't he pretty deeply involved in their issues with the NCAA last year?
    Re. the replacements:
    I'm guessing that Coach Wilson's move caught the Prairie View folk by surprise — she was pictured on the cover of their latest (arrived in the mail last week) informational magazine. (My better half is a PV alum.)
    Alas, I'm unfamiliar with Coach Messer.

    Last question (perhaps of the rhetorical variety this time):
    Can one truly be considered a hoops fan if one does not enjoy watching Glory Johnson play?

  2. Abacus, I know I've been crappy about responding to your questions of late, and I apologize. I've been just as busy out of school as I was working.

    All I heard was that "their train ride was over," which seemed to have something to do with the departing seniors.

    Last question: NO! LOL

  3. No need for apology, Ms. F.
    You provide too much good information, not to mention your willingness to share your expertise and perspective
    So no more self-chastisement, huh?

    Old business:
    From the full text of Val Ackerman's report, "stakeholders" at times seems to refer to the media and sponsors, at other times to the "community" more generally.

    Re. Glory
    I'd imagine that, in a quiet moment, Brian Agler wants to give himself a good swift kick for picking the wrong Lady Vol.