Race to the MVP

The WNBA ranks its own players in week four of its “race to the MVP” tally. There are some new names on the list this year:

1. Maya Moore
2. Angel McCoughtry
3. Elena Delle Donne
4. Candace Parker
5. Diana Taurasi
6. Cappie Pondexter
7. Tina Charles
8. Ivory Latta
9. Sylvia Fowles
10. Glory Johnson

Agree or disagree?

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  1. Parker at #1. If you look at LA's starting five those are 5 players who can put up big points. Candace is the best player on the team but she isn't the only all-star. Yet she puts up the numbers she does and she's an all around player. Minnesota has two main scorers, Augustus and Moore. Minnesota relies on Maya more than LA relies on Candace. The same goes with Angel and Delle Donne. If they aren't scoring that night their team struggles. Candace doesn't have to do all the scoring for LA so her PPG aren't as high as Maya, Angel, or Delle Donne, but she helps her team in other areas. Basically what I'm saying is it seems like the first three are big time scores and that's about it, not to bad on the boards or assist either, but Candace is the most balanced. Her points+assists+rebounds+blocks+steals+defense is what sets her apart from everyone else in the league. If you ask a coach how to beat LA they say, we have to contain Parker. How do you beat Minnesota wither stop Moore or Augustus. How do you beat Chicago contain Delle Donne or Fowles. How do you neat Atlanta? Contain McCoughtry and keep Sancho off the boards. How do you beat Phoenix? Contain Taurasi or Griner or Bonner. I think Candace is clearly the best player in the league. If you care to disagree with my argue,net feel free to do so! 🙂