Another off night

General WNBA news:

Western and Eastern conference players of the week are Diana Taurasi and Angel McCoughtry, respectively.

Team news:

Dream….the overlooked Dream are turning heads with their 6-1 start.

Lynx….practice report for today.

Liberty….signed Avery Warley to replace Cheryl Ford.

Mercury….Brittney Griner on dating, tatoos and freedom. With a poignant quote from teammate Diana Taurasi:

“Look, Brittney wasn’t able to be Brittney at Baylor,” Taurasi says. “That happens all over America. We all feel that way like your program is more important when you’re at that age. But in reality, without her, who gives a (expletive) about Baylor? I’m glad she’s able to be who she really is now.”


  1. Well, Baylor won a national championship in 2005 without Brittney Griner. (Without a single McDonald's American either.)

    I'm tired of Diana Taurasi's mouthing off (on and off court). Brittney would be better off telling the media that the past is the past, and let's move on.

  2. We need people like Taurasi. Whats the problem? She's human and speaks her mind on and off the court. Sure she can get a little out of hand on the court. But that's human nature and sports. How about Jordan, Rodman, Sir Charles Just to name a few. Be who you are D. My girl!

  3. You're missing the point. The W is busy trying to stay in business as a league and figure out how to get all of their franchisees to the point that they are making money so all of the W ballers will continue to have jobs. If they can all start making money maybe the league can bump the rosters back to 13 which would be good for all involved. They need everyone on board and working towards the same goal. Including Taurasi.

    A reasonable person would think that one of the top five ballers in the league would understand that fact and the importance of what she says and does. She's what, a nine year veteran?

    It's wonderful for them all to talk about "being themselves" and such but the truth is that they're getting paid as professionals and they need to act like professionals.

    I won't even get into the irony of a W Player of the Week getting a T in every game she played in that week. Frankly that also says something about the people that picked her for the award.

    Taurasi's antics are obviously fine with many current fans. The real question do her actions make the W more or less interesting to potential new fans that could grow attendance and help the league succeed?

    Comparing Taurasi to any NBA ballers in any capacity stretches reality to the breaking point.

  4. Re. Taurasi & behavior in general.

    I think it's pertinent to note that the WNBA directs promotes towards kids — families, school groups, youth teams and leagues, etc.
    A weekday afternoon or AM game (or two)appears on the schedule of every team except Connecticut. (Maybe casinos aren't allowed to open so early!!)
    Chicago alone plays five games that start at 12:30 or earlier.

    Re. Griner
    First, let me admit to being a HUGE fan, of both the player and this kid. She's shown remarkable class in the face of utter filth.
    As far as her play, I respectfully disagree with Coach Laimbeer (about Wilt, too, but that's another topic for another day).
    All that said, I think that, in more mature hindsight, Brittney will have a regret or two about the past couple of months or so. Acknowledging her sexuality is commendable, but methinks she may have drifted a tad too far down a couple of roads better left untread.
    I hope she and Coach Mulkey can hash things out and reconcile sooner rather than later…I'm inclined to think both did their best in a difficult situation with an awful lot of "gray area."

    My apologies for the lengthy diatribe, Ms. F.

  5. Ever-polite Abacus: I agree with you in that the possible Griner fallout has been lost in the discussion. She has burned a bridge with a coach who had her back for four years. And Mulkey didn't do anything that any other coach in America has done and does in protecting the privacy of her athletes.

    It's sad to me.

  6. Gotta disagree with you there. Depending upon the fan segment the type of things that Taurasi does totally impact fans and potential fans.

    I'm talking Dads and Daughters here primarily. If Dads are looking for role models for their kids via sports Taurasi not only doesn't fit that bill, she's kinda the opposite of how most dads want their daughters to turn out.