1. I'm glad to see they are done being pushed around. They don't need a soft rep or to be intimidated by the Taurasi types. I hope they stay with it. It's going to be on Parker in my opinion. She's got six years in the league now. She needs to make that team hers.

    Good piece.

  2. I see Taurasi got another technical against Tulsa. That's three in a row in the past three games.

    I don't know what the W rules are about multiple T's but if they don't have any maybe we'll get a chance to see if Ms. Richie can handle an actual basketball issue.

  3. Thank you, anonymous one.

    Anonymous two, Taurasi's been the technicals leader for many years. I doubt if anyone will do anything about it. But I agree with you that they should.

  4. Anonymous, HuskyGirl1 just made my point: they're not going to do anything about Taurasi's behavior. She's a "star," after all. So just as in the NBA, she can act as she wants to, cussing and spitting on other people's courts and all.

  5. If the W was at the point in it's existence that the NBA is then I'd agree with you. Unfortunately it isn't even close. The NBA is a huge established league and business that can easily withstand a few idiots also being among it's best ballers. It won't impact their fan interest or ticket sales.

    As of last night 36 games had been played in the W this year. Average attendance has been 7341 which is 81 tickets or 1.1% lower than the year end 2012 results of 7457 tickets. This is in spite of the 13K + attendance at the recent LA / PHX contest. Remember that last year was the lowest in the history of the league. Point being that the W is hardly either a league or a business that needs or can withstand this type of foolishness.

    I don't know how the W's biggest and most loyal fan segment views Taurasi's antics. Maybe it's cool with lesbians. I don't know and don't really care. I can tell you that as a defacto Dad / Daughter with my two high school basketballer nieces that their mother will be hearing from me that her daughters should focus on WCBB for role models instead of the W if Taurasi's idiocy continues to be tolerated.

    Finally I've got no horse in the UConn / Tennessee race but Taurasi's antics really put a blemish on what I've always considered to be an amazing UConn heritage with the likes of Lobo, Bird, Moore and others. It would be a shame if she doesn't grow up at some point and understand it isn't all about her. By the way that post game interview she did on national TV after the Indiana game was the most embarrassing I've ever witnessed from a pro athlete of any sport or gender. That's saying a lot given the universe of classless athletes but Taurasi wins hands down. She needs to get with the program and help the league succeed. Either that or continue to push the W in the direction of the WWF.

  6. I picked up the wrong line on the spreadsheet. The 7341 average attendees through game 36 were actually 116 or 1.6% lower than the 7457 from last year end. My mistake.

    Just looks worse though…

  7. Anonymous:

    1. You don't know what the NBA's goals are with the WNBA, so you're not in a position to comment on "foolishness," or much else. Comparisons are ill-formed, as well.

    2. "Maybe it's cool with lesbians" ? Go ahead and keep your homophobia to yourself, or I will decline to publish your future comments.

    3. In your last paragraph, I pretty much agree with you except for the part about Taurasi being worse than Dennis Rodman, Bill Laimbeer in his playing days, etc. I expect pro athletes to act with class, whether they're women or men.

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