Conference players of the week

More parity, as Ivory Latta and Rebekkah Brunson are the East and West conference players of the week, respectively.

Other WNBA news:

Sun….signed Iziane Castro Marques and waived Natasha Lacy.

Mystics….a minute with coach Mike Thibault.

Lynx….today’s practice report.

College news:

Duke has promoted Hernando Planells to assistant coach and has hired Michele Van Gorp as director of basketball operations.

Will the Tennessee-Connecticut series resume?

The Mohegan Sun Arena will host the American Athletic Conference tournament next spring. How does that work with NCAA rules?

Thirty-two coaches recently completed a session of the WBCA’s Center for Coaching Excellence at Columbia.


  1. I think Latta has been amazing and Thiebault's choice of her to run their team is the coaching move of the year so far. Who would have thought that Washington would be off to the start they are this year after the unqualified disasters of the prior two seasons? Good for both of them and the Washington owners for finally making a good decision on someone to run their operation.

  2. Yep. Success really is the best revenge. In spite of how poorly he was treated I haven't heard one sour word from Thibault concerning the Sun. Class Act.

  3. I hope the Conn/Tenn series stays exactly where its at, dead and buried. It wont be the same without Pat. That rivalry was more about the Coaches rather than the players. I look forward to playing ND more, theyre our "Tennessee"

  4. I mostly agree. I think the piece on a possible UConn/Tenn restart was wishful thinking. Don't see Warlick signing up for that program as long as Pat is involved or even around.

    It is too damn bad though. I wonder if WCBB and possibly the W would look much different today had that situation not taken place. I think the negative impact of that act on WBB continues to be minimized. To me, in the context of WBB it was like the Lakers & Celtics quit playing in the NBA. That was the one matchup in WCBB that got significant media coverage and cross over interest and it just went up in smoke. Regardless of who was ultimately to blame it was a big, big screw up.

    As far as ND goes, without Diggins I'm not seeing that match up with UConn to be too compelling, but I guess we'll see.

  5. I agree, shame on Pat. 😉 Lol You may be right about the "excitement" that SD brought to the game but Im still mad about the games we gave them. I want more revenge. Even after the 18 pt massacre in the F4, I am still 1 unhappy Husky

  6. Aaaaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaa!!!

    The games you "gave" Notre Dame? When they dominated Connecticut all season long and had Geno Auriemma literally hanging his head during the Big East championship game???

    I may never take anything you say seriously again, HuskyGirl1.