Final rosters

Waivers today:

Johannah Leedham CON Waived 5/23
Latoya Williams CON Waived 5/23
Ruth Riley CHI Waived 5/23
Shawnice Wilson MIN Waived 5/23
Julie Wojta SAS Waived 5/23
Yvonne Turner SAS Waived 5/23
Ziomara Morrison SAS Waived 5/23
Christine Flores SAS Waived 5/23
Shey Peddy WAS Waived 5/23
Courtney Paris TUL Waived 5/23
Chelsea Poppens SEA Waived 5/23

Have lead to final rosters in time for tomorrow’s season opener:





Silver Stars








Some stalwarts of the league are gone now, like Cathrine Kraayeveld and Ruth Riley. It’s a whole new WNBA.


  1. The league is changing that's for sure. It's going to be a really interesting season.

    Also, I'm not getting why they think the new logo is a big deal, but maybe its just me.

  2. I am curious about something though…why do they have media day when they still have up to three more ballers to cut? Seems like a kinda crappy thing to do to folks that are going to be history in a few days.

  3. I've wondered that too, anonymous. My guess is they have to rush into the season so fast that they do it when they have time.

    But it's a cold thing to do.

  4. Yeah. Like to Gemelos. She has photos and interviews all over their website on like Monday and then Boom she's gone on Wednesday. Weird and shitty. I guess it is what it is.

  5. Truth of the matter is, its more about talent,athleticism and being ready to put in work. This should be able to make a team because you are well liked or come from a certain program attitude is not reality. It should be about what teams need and or trying to build. Just like the NBA. This i wish she and i feel sorry for her is fine if you are a fan of the player, but if you are a fan of the team, then you want the best of the best. Players who come ready to put work in and prove that they belong. And this starts way before college. To finally graduate and think your ready is a pipe dream especially with only 11 spots on a 12 team league. But when they increase the spots and teams this problem will still be there. Bottom line you got to be ready PERIOID! Everybody can't play.

  6. See, I like that they do media day with some of the campers. It's a day in the limelight (and a nice little piece for their overseas portfolio). Double if it's your hometown team and you can show everyone pictures of you in uniform.

    But the 11-player rule needs to burn.

  7. Teams obviously need to put the players they think are the best on their squads. No one was looking for special treatment for anyone. Gemelos had five ACL reconstructions. A lot of people were pulling for her. Frankly from a pure basketball business standpoint the draft pick didn't make sense to start with due to her physical challenges. That said this isn't the first time that ballers with big time physical problems (primarily knees) have been drafted in the W.

    For Gemelos it is definitely one of those "The Spirit is Willing but the Flesh is Weak" situations. She has all the talent in the world. If her body can hold up she can play in Europe and possibly make her way back to the W.

    Gemelos is similar to Caroline Doty at UConn. Both have exceptional talent in all areas but due to ACL blow outs by the time they graduated they just couldn't perform like they could pre-injury. I think Doty had at least 3 reconstructions also. She didn't get drafted and shouldn't have.

    It's a given that there will never be enough roster spots in any pro sport to suit up all of the players that want to play and are "close".

  8. I have a question, Ms. Favor (or anyone else, for that matter).

    I notice Sophia Young on San Antonio's final roster. I believe I've read that she's out for the season with a knee problem.

    First, am I misinformed re. her physical condition?

    And, if hurt, why is she on the roster? (Does the team risk losing her rights otherwise? That can't be so, can it?)

    Thanks, and I appreciate the informative little "shop" you've set up here, Ms. Favor!

  9. No one is saying don't waive players who aren't capable of cutting the mustard. We're saying that 11 players isn't enough to sustain a good team if someone(s) gets injured, which often happens. It's good to have one or two extras on hand, also for practices. Not having any kind of cushion is dangerous, and leaving great players on the cutting room floor is a tragedy. American athletes have to go overseas to play; that isn't right.

  10. Abacus, the only reason a team keeps a star out for the season on its roster is they don't want to release her so other teams could pick her up. I'm guessing that's the case with Young.