WNBA GMs weigh in

The WNBA’s general managers seem to have a better grasp of things than ESPN. Their preseason picks:

Who will win conference and the title?

Best players.

Best off-season moves.

Best rookies and international players.

Best defense.

Best coaches.

Miscellaneous categories.

Other WNBA news:

Today’s preseason game: Sun 88, Lynx 80. Minnesota was without Janel McCarville and Lindsey Moore.

ESPN is analyzing each team.

Sparks….have named Bridget Pettis assistant coach and Gail Goestenkors and Olaf Lange consultants. Pettis replaces Jim Lewis, who resigned, and reuniting Goestenkors with Alana Beard and Lindsay Harding sounds like a winner. Lange is married to the other Sparks assistant coach, Sandy Brondello.

Mystics….one on one with Tierra Ruffin-Pratt.

Today’s transactions:

Player Team Transaction

Scholanda Dorrell TUL Waived 5/21
Megan Frazee PHO Waived 5/20
Jordan Madden SAN Waived 5/20

Interesting piece from the Hartford Courant:

Does sexuality impact roster construction?


  1. The sexuality / roster piece has kind of an interesting premise although asking two W coaches and Lobo for their views just assured the author was going to get the stock league answers. Besides everyone knows that Laimbeer would suit up Godzilla (MR or MS) if he could get away with it.

    I don't believe what W coaches and players think about it makes much difference to the ultimate success of the league. What matters is the public perception of this new "LGBT friendly" approach and if it somehow facilitates the expansion of the paying fan base. That's evidently what Richie is banking on. That and her "Three to See" promo. Along those lines I see Swish Appeal has a celebratory piece on Augustus and MN gay marriage today so it looks like they're on board.

    Sorry to see Gemelos was cut this morning.