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Player Team Transaction

Alyssia Brewer LAS Waived 5/20
Briana Gilbreath LAS Waived 5/20
Chante Blacky TUL Waived 5/20
Amber Holt TUL Waived 5/20
Keisha Hampton SEA Waived 5/19
Samantha MacKay SEA Waived 5/19
Sonja Petrovic CHI Waived 5/18
Jessica Adair PHO Signed 5/18
Chatilla van Ginsven CON Waived 5/17

I HATE that there are only 11 players allowed on a team.

Other WNBA news:

ESPN says this season will be a page-turner.

ESPN season predictions.

Shock….more fuel for the Skylar Diggins haters, as her new agent, Jay-Z, gave her a Mercedes for graduation.

Diggins talks about life on and off the court.

Baylor/Brittney Griner:

The economics of suppression – why Baylor discouraged Brittney Griner from being openly gay.

Griner has had a whirlwind month.

One blogger says Baylor’s request of Griner is shameful.

College news:

The new coach at Texas Tech is Candi Whitaker.


  1. I doubt that it was an accident that Diggins got a fat lip in her first game. They're trying to put her in her place.

    She has the crossover appeal that mass marketers are looking for and no one else except possibly Parker and Leslie have had previously. She'll probably end up being the most popular and financially successful W baller in history. Which will probably mean she'll be taking her share of cheap shots from the sisterhood before it's all over. The Benz certainly doesn't help the situation.

    Unlike her other Three To See compatriots she didn't look too great in her first game. Will be interesting to see how she develops.