WNBA LiveAccess price went up

Last year, the price to watch WNBA games online was $4.99. This year it has risen to $14.99 for the season.

I got an email with a promotion for $2 off because I subscribed last year. I don’t know if I want to take that, though. That’s a steep increase – especially when the video quality is sometimes bad.

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  1. That is a huge increase but maybe there is a golden lining. At five bucks it was pretty much a give away. It looks like the marketing / business people are now thinking the product is more valuable in the eyes of the fans and they'll be willing to pay more to view the games.

    It doesn't help folks like you that were paying the five dollars, but if they can maintain or grow their subscriber base it will be good for the league. Of course if fans get pissed about the price and either don't renew or sign up they won't look too smart.

  2. I signed up last year and thought it was a steal. Signed up again this year thinking the price was the same, but totally think it's well worth it! Go WNBA!

  3. Still think it's worth it, but video quality varies way too much. I'd rather pay $50.00 and be assured HD quality than pay $15.00 and be forced to watch a great game like Phoenix and Tulsa where EVERYTHING was so distorted due to incredibly BAD VIDEO QUALITY…GRRRRRRRRRRR

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