WNBA and so much more


Ten potential break out players for 2013.

A change of plans is always difficult for the waived.

Making the cut is tough – but not impossible – for second-rounders like Chelsea Poppens.

Transactions page is finally up to date, including today’s Sparks cut of April Sykes.

Liberty….the sisterhood of two basketball Smiths: Katie and Shenneika.

Lynx….Monica Wright will play back up for three positions.

Lindsay Whalen strives to set a good example.

Lindsey Moore is Lindsay Whalen’s shadow.

The Lynx celebrate 15 years in the WNBA.

Sky….Epiphanny Prince will miss a few weeks of the season to play for Russia. But she’s signed a multi-year contract.

Media day recap.

Sun….Connecticut shakes it up, but did they really need to?

Dream….Atlanta might miss the point.

Mercury….don’t sleep on Candice Dupree.

College news:

Notre Dame coach Muffet McGraw is challenged by a game that was scheduled for her team.

Could Brittney Griner’s announcement that she’s gay change things at Baylor?

Chattanooga coach Jim Foster has a national role.

Louisville’s Shoni and Jude Schimmel talk about their inspiration and goals.

DePaul has partnered with the city of Chicago to build a new arena.

Tayshanna Murphy:

The two men accused of killing high school basketball stand out Tayshanna Murphy in 2011 are on trial now in New York. Murphy danced with her sisters the night she was murdered.

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  1. The Shimmel sisters are really impressive. You can tell they have two strong parents who've set them up for future success. As good as they were in the NCAAs I'm more impressed with Jude's academic award as Rez schools don't have the greatest reputation for academic preparation.

    Shoni might get a shot at the W, Jude probably won't, but I see Jude going back to the Rez and making a big difference in a lot of people's lives.

  2. Rather odd religion beat column in the New York Times: ‘Griner Effect’ May Change the Game at Baylor. The announcement by the basketball star Brittney Griner that she is a lesbian has altered an awkward relationship between Baylor University and its gay students.


    Erica Heath, quoted in the NYT, is far more colorful than any Baylor student I've ever heard of: she styles herself as "pansexual" and has never seen the Lady Bears play.