Transactions? Yes

Remember the “transactions” tab at the top of the page? It’ll be back this week, the spokesperson at the league office says. In the meantime, the page itself is up, and it’s comprehensive. Here are the cuts for the last week:

Player Team Transaction

Moore, Loree NY Waived 5/14
Lewis, Doneeka TUL Waived 5/14
Lucas, Italee TUL Waived 5/14
Chambers, Brittany LA Waived 5/13
Taylor, Lindsay LA Waived 5/13
James, Jasmine SEA Waived 5/13
Redmon, Katelan SEA Waived 5/13
Bobbitt, Shannon WAS Waived 5/12
Corral, Ashley WAS Waived 5/12
Warley, Avery WAS Waived 5/12
Stokes, Amber SAN Waived 5/12
Gray-Lawson, Alexis SEA Waived 5/12
Spears, Brittany TUL Waived 5/11
Mosby, Bernice IND Waived 5/9
Penn, Karisma NY Waived 5/9
Childs, Jalana PHX Waived 5/9
Prins, Anna CON Waived 5/8
Smith, Andrea CON Waived 5/8
Harper, Laura IND Waived 5/6

Tomorrow’s preseason games:

Brazil National Team vs. Mystics, 11:30 a.m.

Silver Stars at Fever, noon

Liberty at Sky, 12:30 p.m.

Other WNBA news:

Indiana Fever media day photos.

Liberty camp diaries, day eight.

With Bill Laimbeer as a coach, the retooled Liberty is excited.

Lynx draftee Jacki Gemelos will live the WNBA dream, if her knees will let her. Her teammate Janel McCarville made the first pitch at the Twins game last night.

College news:

Texas Tech recruits are playing the waiting game to see who will replace recently-departed coach Kristy Curry. Possible candidates.

Texas A&M coach Gary Blair offers insight on the Texas Tech situation, and says he plans to retire where he is.

High school:’s latest fresh 50 list for the class of 2015.

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  1. Yep. A person would think they could come up with another $100k per team per year to fund two incremental positions that would get them to 13.

    It's particularly a problem given the injury reality of the W.

  2. I've been thinking about the W roster problem. What they might want to consider is bumping the approved roster from 11 to 13 and make the 2 new positions some kind of hybrid spot that could include some or all of the following features:

    – Players don't travel to road games but practice with the team and dress / play in home games.
    – Teams should try to fill seats 12 & 13 with qualified local college talent if possible. An example might be Corral and / or Gemelos for the Sparks. That would be a good PR move with the local ballers & schools and strengthen the ties with local & regional WBB fans.
    – To help cover the expense of these spots the teams could work with the league / union to fund the positions differently. Maybe these players could work for sponsor / vendor related activities, work in the front office of the team or do local social outreach for some kind of salary that wouldn't count against the cap. All these kids are college grads so they should have a lot of potential outside of the actual game too.

    Some advantages of this approach:
    – Keep more ballers in the W to build the league for the future.
    – Give marginal ballers a chance to grow and earn their way into a full time roster spot without having to go to Europe.
    – Insulate teams from the inevitable injury issues that come up during the season that catch them short of talent. These kids could convert to full time positions when needed and be ready to rock because they've been working with the team and know the system.
    – It's a relatively inexpensive solution as there would be no travel related expenses for these slots.
    – Might also be a "character builder" for the full time roster ballers as they would know that ballers 12 & 13 know the system and would love to have their jobs.

    Just something to think about. I'm sure others will have ideas to improve the concept but it seems there are a lot of kids that want to put on a W uni. They might not be lifers but they may be able to help themselves and the league.

    You should send this to Richie with your edits. If you make her look smart enough maybe she'll give you a job in the front office. You never know…They could use some new & innovative ideas that actually solve problems.