Training camp round up

Training camp updates:

In Minnesota, Lindsey Moore is following Lindsay Whalen’s path.

Silver Stars training camp, day one recap.

Mercury training camp blog.

Tina Thompson likes what she sees in Seattle.

Mystics minute with Monique Currie.

Other WNBA news:

My Indiana Fever season preview.

Former Stanford teammates Nicole Powell and Candice Wiggins have found their way to Tulsa.

Tanisha Wright and Camille Little will point the way for the Storm.

San Antonio’s Kayla Alexander is living the dream.

Sparks general manager Penny Toler discusses the upcoming season.

A far superior Shock opened yesterday.

Maya Moore rallied the Lynx yesterday. Lindsay Whalen is set to return.

ESPN debates which team will be the most improved this year. (I agree with Tulsa, but they didn’t even mention New York)

Brittney Griner is part of a mission to help all live in truth.

The rest of many training camp rosters are now headed home, as Fenerbahce beat Galatasaray yesterday for the TKBL title in Euroleague play.


  1. Nice review on Indiana. They could repeat if everything falls right for them. I like them as much as anyone.

    Tulsa has some energy going for sure. Will be interesting to see how they come together. From a marketing standpoint Diggins is the real deal.

    Treating Griner like Gandhi is already getting old and its only been a couple weeks. She and her handlers need to get off their political soapbox and concentrate on basketball. I'd add that what is popular and politically correct in the NY Times market doesn't necessarily play the same in PHX. That's coming from someone that lives here.

  2. Thanks for the props. And I think Tulsa is poised to be great.

    The Griner story deserves all the press it's getting. The girl's got major, major guts, and this is a big deal.

    Being who you are has nothing to do with political correctness.