WNBA rookies at orientation

The soon-to-be-WNBA-rookies are in Connecticut this weekend for an orientation. Skylar Diggins, Swin Cash and Candice Wiggins have tweeted pictures.


Elena Delle Donne Q&A.

Kelsey Bone Q&A.

Kelly Faris Q&A.

Tianna Hawkins Q&A.

Sugar Rodgers Q&A.

Toni Young Q&A.

General draft:

Monday there will really be two drafts in one.

Brittney Griner can be a game changer.

Will the Sky be the limit for Elena Delle Donne?

Sun Coach Anne Donovan foresees a change in the team’s draft strategy.

And I was on the other side of the interview for this one, being interviewed: After the top three, the draft is a top-heavy toss up.

College news:

Holly and Geno are together at last – sort of.


  1. I can't say that I'm surprised that Warlick is continuing Summitt's "UConn Ban" but it seems that at this point Tennessee has a lot more to gain than UConn by resurrecting their play during the season. If Warlick wants to get that program back to true elite status the road has to go through Storrs. I imagine that out of respect for Summitt that won't happen though.

    I continue to be amazed at the hate the Tennessee fans have for Auriemma & UConn on the blogs. In most cases it's still White Hot. Didn't make sense to me so I went back and looked at the NCAA tourney championship game results from the beginning and the animosity is making more sense to me now. I didn't realize that of the five times Tennessee has lost in the championship game, four of those losses have been to UConn and Tennessee has never beaten UConn in a championship game. Since that first loss goes back to 1995 it now makes sense to me that long time hard core Tennessee fans really really don't like UConn. It looks like UConn winning this year just reopened that wound for many Vol fans.

    I learned something today.

  2. It's UConn fans who can't get over the fact that they're not playing Tennessee anymore – not the other way around. That's why you're here posting in the first place.

    Get over it. You've got a perfectly fine rivalry with Notre Dame.

    Pat and Geno congratulated each other Tuesday night. They get along fine. The problem, as usual, belongs to the fans. Go fix yourself and don't post your trash here.

  3. Thanks, Anonymous.

    I have some wankers pass through here sometimes. They do like this poster did and take one small thing I've linked and try to start a fight with it. Last month someone said that they were tired of the anti-Uconn stances I am always posting. Those types of comments always mystify me, because all I do when I'm not writing stories about SoCal basketball is post links. I have not – nor do I plan to – go off on the Huskies.

    Another tactic wankers use (and the one above tried is this morning) is to try and bait me/anger me. This morning the comment was, "We'll see if you have the guts to post this."

    It's not about guts; it's about patience. And I have no patience for fools.

  4. As a 17 yr UConn fan, I could care less about playing Tennessee. With Pat gone, the victory won't even be the same. During the Final 4 I saw tweets from a couple of Vol fans stating how they didn't want Geno to catch Pat.

    You cant possibly think G was going to stay at 7, great Coaches find ways to win. I dont speak for ALL Conn fans, and those few who loathe Tenn dont either. There's dislike on both sides of the fence, that will NEVER change.

    If we never ever play Tennessee again, thats totally fine with me. We own the series anyway. 13-9 #BleedBlue