And then there were two: 2009 Championship rematch

Louisville rallied in the second half to beat Cal, 64-57. They’re the first fifth seed to reach the title game.


Louisville interviews.

Cal is disappointed, but not devastated.

It was Antonita Slaughter’s house.

Cal analysis.

After a slow start, Louisville rose to the occasion.

Cal is taking positives away from the experience.

Game two:

UConn got revenge on Notre Dame by dominating them and shutting down point guard Skylar Diggins. Final: 83-65.

The Huskies broke the Irish spell.

Analysis. (Why didn’t ESPN analyze the first game??)

Diggins interview.


The Championship game is 5:30/8:30 p.m. Tuesday.

It is the same title match up as 2009.

Other college news:

Fullcourt All American and Freshman teams.

Dawn Staley will be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass.

Brittney Griner isn’t shying away from Mark Cuban’s proposal.

WBCA All American game:

The Black Team beat the Purple Team, 74-70.

Subs lead the way.

Other high school news:

Jordin Canada is Southern California’s basketball player of the year.

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  1. I find it pretty amazing that someone that likes WBB enough to frequent this blog wouldn't watch the championship game because UConn is playing in it.

    I used to be one of those people that didn't particularly like Auriemma or UConn generally until I started frequenting this blog and read all of the cheap shots being thrown at their program. The more I read them them more I edge towards supporting UConn. Maybe it's the Summitt fan club influence. I don't know. That said based upon how UConn and Stewart crushed ND last night and the strength / youth of their roster all of the haters around here are in for a rude awakening over the next several years. They can expect Geno to end up with 9 or 10 national championships by the time his new contract expires. He'll be blowing by Summitt in the relatively near future.

    I'd add that Louisville has schooled four higher seeded teams in the tourney so far including a 1 & 2. They may well lose to UConn tomorrow but based upon their track record it's going to be a game well worth watching if you are a serious fan.

    I also had to laugh at the "smart money" that was on Cal last night. Once the Cards decided to quit letting Cal push them around underneath that was it. Louisville nearly doubled Cal's point output in the second half. The Bears went the route of the three other higher seeds that the Cards have sent home in this tourney.

    If you can't get excited about a championship game that puts UConn's tradition, depth and excellence up against the only team that has beat Baylor when they were at full strength over the past two years then maybe you're not as serious of a fan as you think you are.

  2. My plan for Tuesday's game: root for Louisville because UConn has won a sufficiency of championships; watch with the sound off, so as to not hear Doris Burke pontificate about how a player "comported" herself; remember the games Baylor played (and won), and how I'll miss the seniors; wish ESPN would stop the sideline interviews (Cal's Clarendon looked like she might collapse from fatigue.)

    And rest assured that Sue will gather up just about everything worth reading!

    p.s. Did you link to Jason Whitlock's April 2 40-minute podcast with Kim Mulkey? Fascinating.

  3. Maybe I missed something. I thought that one of the beauties of athletics was that "who wins" gets decided on the court. Please explain what a "sufficiency of championships" actually is. If UConn has hit their quota at seven I assume that the UCLA men went way over the top in the 1970's and Tennessee women did likewise in 2008.

    Then again maybe it isn't how many championships are won but who is doing the winning.

    Feeling sorry for Baylor because Griner and Sims couldn't handle the heat and Mulkey got out coached under pressure won't get anyone too far. They just got beat. Mulkey has lost tons of respect due to her antics during and after that game. Pretty sad.

  4. Geno is a jerk, a cheater and has no class Mulkey is close behind him! I suppose it's their way of getting ahead and getting attention!

  5. Geno may be well be a jerk and have no class. He is from Philly after all. As far as the cheater thing goes, Tennessee went through all formal complaint channels and no issues were found during Summitt's tenure. Try checking some facts versus the mythology that seems to be so popular with UT fans.

    The unfortunate truth is that lowly Louisville has been to the championship game twice since Tennessee's last appearance. That should tell you something about the Lady Vols program over the last half decade. During that same time frame UConn has been to the final four every year.

    If UT fans feel comfy calling Geno / UConn cheaters because the Vols get out recruited and out played by UConn consistently then I guess that's what it is.

    UConn & Louisville have let their respective games do their talking in the tourney. So has Tennessee.

  6. UConn is hot again, after having a couple of down years. Louisville's two championship appearances are a speck of dust on the Lady Vol legacy.

    Things ebb and flow in the world of sports. Geno has come close to leaving UConn at least once, and he'll retire eventually. Tennessee will go back up. That's just the way things are.

    I'm not going to touch any allegations of cheating.

    I'm glad everyone is so passionate about their teams. That's some basketball love right there.

  7. Who's talking about Tennessee? C'mon we were talking about Geno! If you think he is a cheater because of Tennessee you are naive!

  8. Get real. Tennessee has been leading the bitching about Geno for years. Summitt filed formal written complaints against the program which were summarily rejected.

    Everyone needs to quit whining, get off the Evil Geno Conspiracy Train and sit quietly until they have a legit top tier program instead of poor mouthing the programs that are, like UConn. It really just makes the lot of you folks look like really bad sports. Here's a hint…if you team scores more points than your opponent you don't need to look for excuses or scapegoats.

    Maybe some day there will be an honest exchange about what is really going on between Tennessee and UConn, but it probably won't be politically correct enough to have here.

  9. You are SO very very dense and clueless.

    The point is that there are many other people who dislike or hate Geno besides Tennessee fans. If you haven't figured that out yet, you're not as big of a fan as you think you are.

    This thread is closed.