Your primer for the day

Skylar Diggins’ bid for her school’s scoring record is just a subplot.

The fates of Notre Dame and Kansas rest on two players.

There’s one small obstacle today for Louisville: Mount Griner. (Check out the facial expression)

Elite point guards fill the Norfolk region.

Maryland Coach Brenda Frese said UConn makes good teams uncomfortable.

Oklahoma wants to begin a tradition of its own.

Lady Vol diaries.

Stanford’s Mikaela Ruef will have to pay her own way next year.

The party ended abruptly for the Cardinal last night.

With last night’s win, Cal advances to their first Elite Eight appearance in school history.

Last night in Spokane, toughness prevailed.

Regionals are extending Norfolk’s rich women’s hoops tradition.

Win or lose, it has all worked out.

You’ve got a lot of nerve department:

Geno Auriemma was the top target for Ohio State in their coaching search. I also heard the Buckeyes were looking at a couple other tip-top names…..not sure who they think they are.

Canadian hoops:

Lisa Thomaidis is guiding Canadian basketball to new heights.


  1. Totally agree with you on THE OHIO STATE. They're dreaming. They're not getting a top WCBB coach particularly in the context and given the respect the coaching community has for Foster.

    Dawn Staley was 68% at Temple and has been 58% at South Carolina and they just broomed Foster who was 72% at Ohio State?!?! That pedigree and math doesn't really work.

    I don't care who Ohio State hires, I just hope that Foster gets a chance to go back and kick some ass on the Buckeyes.

    I didn't know Foster gave Geno his first assistant coaching gig. Pretty Interesting.

  2. BOOM! The Cards put Baylor down. Best WCBB game I've ever watched. Louisville was totally fearless. It was a Classic!