Spokane, Bridgeport regionals

The big news of the night is that Georgia upset #1 seed Stanford, 61-59.

They’ll face Cal, who put away LSU, 73-63, to reach the Elite Eight.

In Bridgeport, Elena Delle Donne tried her best to lead Delaware over Kentucky. But even her 33 points didn’t stave off the Wildcats, who prevailed 69-62.

Monday they take on Connecticut, who thrashed Maryland 76-50.


  1. No surprise that UConn thumped Maryland. Also no surprise that Frese and her crew get the award for being the biggest cheap shot artists of the tournament so far with Cal a close second. That hammering of Feris at the end of the half was disgusting as was the no call and subsequent technical on Geno. It was a mugging.

    Typical Maryland approach to roundball. They seem to think that the way to win is to knock down as many of their opponents as possible. That strategy and the stunning incompetence of the refs in WCBB will eventually lead to someone really getting hurt.

    Fortunately in this circumstance all it did was polarize UConn and they came out and kicked the crap out of MD in the second half. That cheap shot act doesn't always work even if the refs let you get away with it. The game prevails.

    By the way Moriah Jefferson, UConn's freshman point guard made the Terps look like they were nailed to the court. Too funny.