Upsets and heart stoppers in night one of second round


Nebraska 74, Texas A&M 63

Kansas 75, South Carolina 69

Heart stoppers:

Georgia 65, Iowa State 60

Cal 82, South Florida 78 (OT)

By comparison, tonight’s first session was a warm up:

Tennessee 68, Creighton 52

Oklahoma 85, UCLA 72

Maryland 74, Michigan State 49

Connecticut 77, Vanderbilt 44

Other college news:

Stanford Coach Tara VanDerveer will discuss a contract extension after the Tournament.

WBCA 2013 Division II Coaches’ All-America Team.


Amazing interview with Tamika Catchings that covers just about everything.


  1. Couldn't believe Cal hacked USF shooters twice on three balls at the end of regulation. They were extremely lucky to get out with a win. Was hoping for a USF upset.

  2. I couldn't believe Jemerigbe got thrown to the floor with no call, and neither could the announcers. Then there was that hack by Orekhova that got no call either.

    The officiating was even.

  3. No issue with the officiating in general. Some calls get made, some don't. There were plenty of crappy calls going both ways in that game. To say Cal was physical would be an understatement. In any case both of the three ball fouls were legit calls.

    The head scratcher was why in the world they'd hammer someone under those circumstances and hand USF an opportunity to get back into the game. As much as everyone is raving about Cal, a person would assume a higher roundball IQ than to foul like that twice in that game situation.

    In any case they won. The basketball gods appear to be smiling on Cal right now given LSU's win over Penn State so their next game will probably be theirs to lose.

  4. Don't forget that emotions run high in such games, and that these are college kids and not pros. Witness how USF lost their composure at times, including getting that technical foul when Reshanda wrestled the ball away. It's not lack of basketball IQ, but passion for the game. I like physical teams.

  5. I'm watching the NCAAs to see teams like Cal, Maryland and all of the other cheap shot squads get bounced by teams that actually play basketball. After watching how the refs let Kentucky beat up on EDD the Wildcats just made the thug list. UConn will make short work of Kentucky in the next round.

    For now I'm looking forward to seeing UConn thump the Terps.