More coaching changes

Jim Foster is out at Ohio State.

Eric Simpson has resigned at Loyola Chicago.

Debbie Taylor’s contract at William and Mary won’t be renewed.

Other news:

Helen collected major reading material for us.

ESPN analyzes why some fans still aren’t comfortable with Brittney Griner.

Elena Delle Donne blogs.

A healthy Richa Jackson is ready to step up for Duke. The center piece of the team is Elizabeth Williams.

San Diego State feels dissed, and rightfully so.

UCLA is happy with their seeding.

Rutgers Coach Vivian Stringer is planning for a crucial off-season.

UTEP Coach Keitha Adams is proud of her team’s effort this season.

Ticha Penicheiro visited alma mater Old Dominion today.

Villanova Coach Harry Paretta sees the payoff in the long road back to the Dance.

Predictably, women in the NCAA tournament outscore men in the classroom.

An ex-Central Michigan player lost her appeal in federal appeals court. She claimed she lost her scholarship because she’s heterosexual. I’ve now officially heard everything.

Cal corner:

Heart of gold: Gennifer Brandon.

Taller than life: the ascent of Cal’s Eliza Pierre.

Layshia Clarendon is unselfish.

Bad news for Colorado:

Rachel Hargis tore her MCL in practice.

High school news:

Brea Olinda coach Kim Cram-Torres resigned last week, after two years at the post. She had replaced 17-year coaching legend Jeff Sink. No word yet on whether or not Sink, who now coaches the boy’s team, will return.


  1. Can't tell from the linked piece, did Ohio State let Jim Foster go or is he retiring? If it's the former it's a bit scary. A .772 winning percentage and four time coach of the year! Pretty impressive.

    Suppose it could fall under the "what have you done for me lately" category.

  2. I think Kate Fagan is uniquely qualified to write on WCBB given her D1 playing experience and the rep she earned writing on the NBA in Philly.

    That said, since she came over to ESPNW I haven't read one piece from her on any women's sports issue that wasn't framed in the "gender warrior" context. Her Griner piece is reflective of that approach.

    If they are trying to expand the fan base for women's sports that probably isn't the greatest strategy.

  3. You're right. Female scholarship ballers graduating at higher rates than their male counterparts is no surprise. There some pretty obvious & significant socioeconomic & cultural drivers of these results.

    What might be more interesting is to pull the graduation stats on roundball scholarship athletes, by gender versus the male / female student body by school since the NCAA has been claiming that scholarship kids graduate at higher rates for quite some time.