Bracket thoughts

The bracket.

I’ve been digesting for a few hours now, and am not through with the meal. But here are some random thoughts, in no particular order. Feel free to make your own comments:

– Why no San Diego State?
– Why no Tulane?
– How did Kansas get in?
– Why are Tennessee and Baylor in the same region for the second consecutive year?
– Why are Cal and Stanford in the same region?
– I would have put FGCU in.
– Should UConn have still got a #1 seed even after losing the Big East Tournament?
– Michigan State? Fifth seed?

Best first round games?

Maybe Gonzaga vs. Iowa State, or Oklahoma State vs. DePaul, or Florida State vs. Princeton, or Miami vs. Iowa.

Still thinkin’……

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  1. Questions 1-3 I dont know, never watched ANY of those teams. Were their deserving? Was hoping Tennessee was on UConns side. Cal and Stanford will be epic. And yes Connecticut should've received the #1 ranking. 🙂 Lastly, never watched a M State game. 🙁 Good luck to ALL teams