A night cap

Vivian Stringer was denied her 900th win again tonight as #21 Syracuse beat them, 58-45. The score at halftime was Rutgers 19, Syracuse 15. Really.

Full scoreboard.

It’s all about the next game for Notre Dame’s Skylar Diggins.

Profiling Nebraska’s Jordan Hooper.

Defensive lapses are crippling Purdue.

Is Coach Paul Westhead to blame for Oregon’s losing season?

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  1. Nit is time for michael cooper to go! sue, i know he is your favorite, but this is not the lakers… it's over… relieve the trojan fans of it's biggest nightmare… let the legend of the lakers go! he doesn't work and we no longer want to see him… that's evident by less than 500 people in the galen for ucla!

  2. The WCBB coaching gig is definitely different than the pros. Just ask Paul Westhead. Seems like he has one foot out the door and the other on a banana peel at Oregon now too. New coaching blood for both programs will probably be good for all involved.

    I think the injury thing in WCBB is something some coaches find very difficult to deal with. Both USC and Oregon had pretty good recruiting results & rosters but were decimated by injuries. Not that injuries are something new, but it seems to me that the successful WCBB programs are better at anticipating and adjusting to the ever changing rosters caused by injuries. It also seems like transfers have been impacting programs more than they used to.

    Several top 25 programs have been down to 9, 10, or 11 ballers suiting up this year. It's brutal. Louisville has 4 of their season beginning group of 7 potential starters out with season ending injuries. They've played most of the season with suited up for games. Amazing they've done as well as they have.

    Sports is always full of "what ifs", but it does make a person ponder what Cooper's USC legacy would have turned out like if Gemelos' knee would have held together.

  3. Michael Cooper has coached his last game at Galen. If he comes back, the team will be playing in front of the maintenance crew. He was great for the Lakers and Sparks but he is not a good college coach. Hats off to USC for trying the upgrade, but it is a wrap!
    After four years of sub par performance and no NCAA bid, he has to go. Trakh took them to the big dance two of his five years as coach and that wasn't good enough for the AD. They can not possibly justify keeping Coop any longer.

    Word on the street is that Goestenkors is interested if the job becomes available.

  4. Seems like there are a lot more good coaching jobs in WCBB than there are good coaches available.

    Goestenkors didn't do much for Texas in her five years other than collect her million bucks annually.

    Should be an interesting search in any case.