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Tennessee’s Bashaara Graves: the fire within.

Playing for Kay has a special meaning for Lady Vol Coach Holly Warlick.

Andy Landers’ wife Pam is mom and provides support for the Georgia Bulldogs.

Injuries are taking a toll on Scarlet Knight Monique Oliver’s season.

Samantha Morrow has stepped down as UT-Arlington coach.

Cal player spotlight: Layshia Clarendon.

Oregon State’s slow start is plaguing them.

Vanderbilt guard Christina Foggie is out 7-10 days after sustaining a knee injury.

Auburn is in the midst of an eight-game losing streak.

Dartmouth’s sophomore class has grown.

Michigan State’s Annalise Pickrel has found her shooting rhythm.

Rutgers guard Erica Wheeler has grown under the watch of Coach Vivian Stringer.

Weber State is nearing the mark of futility.

Texas Tech is turning the page on turnovers.

Lindsay Wisdom-Hylton is settling into her new role as Boilermaker assistant coach.

Purdue notebook: no zone outs.

“Finish strong” guides Wisconsin.

Iowa is living in the present.

Columbia shoots well from beyond the arc, but struggles in the paint.

Getting to know Northwestern freshman Lauren Douglas.

Seton Hall/Connecticut Sun Coach Anne Donovan is working to master her juggling act.


Sacred Heart Coach Ed Swanson notched his 400th career victory.

WNBA and pro:

The Sparks signed Kristi Toliver to a multi-year contract extension.

The Fever signed Laura Harper.

Temeka Johnson blogs from Siberia.


ACL surgery may not shorten a WNBA career.


The NCAA is being sued over the rule that bars felons from coaching NCAA-sanctioned events.


  1. That's because in men's roundball it's a relatively rare injury. Men's college basketball teams don't expect that their ballers are going to blow up their ACLs. In WCBB and the W it's just standard stuff. That's kinda explains how women ballers with five ACL reconstructions get drafted into the WNBA and nobody blinks.

    I'd love to look at that methodology and stats behind the quoted study. Not to mention addressing the long term consequences of this type of damage.

    Finally, the quoted stat that the average W career is only 3 to 4 years in no way justifies the long term damage to these women's health. That piece sounds like the script for an informercial for an ortho surgeon that specializes in ACL reconstruction.

    Pretty sad and misleading.

  2. I've personally got some serious problems with how the NCAA operates in general, but refusing to allow felons to coach at events sanctioned by the NCAA certainly isn't one of them.

    Makes a person wonder exactly how far we should lower the bar when considering who directs our young people.

    No one is saying this guy can't coach or work with young people but the NCAA doesn't have to and shouldn't bless it.

    Never thought I'd say this but good for the NCAA.