Quiet day (after yesterday’s insanity)

Baylor plays better without a perfect record.

Apathy is hampering Florida. (Is that candid, or what?)

Antoinette Bannister has transferred to Florida from North Carolina.

Iowa duo Samantha Logic and Morgan Johnson are making statistical noise.

A slow Big East start is a first for Rutgers Coach C. Vivian Stringer.

Oakland’s Bethany Watterworth will miss the remainder of the season with a back injury.

Notre Dame super guard Jewell Loyd is the Big East freshman of the week for the third time. Natalie Achonwa made the honor roll for the second time.

For Ohio State, defense is just one of their problems.


San Antonio Silver Stars Coach Dan Hughes has signed a multi-year contract extension.

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  1. Watched the Ohio State v Purdue game and was exhausted by the end of the third overtime!

    My one gripe: Jim Foster (and all the other coaches who say "There is no 'I' in team,") your student-athletes *deserve* to have their names on their jerseys. Preferably below the numbers, since ponytails can get in the way.

  2. Why in the world to student-athletes "deserve" to have their names on their jerseys? If that is your preference fine, but as far as deserving it, not so much.

    In any case is been clear for years that Florida has no patience for anything but super competitive programs on both the men's and women's side.

  3. Just read the Rutgers article. Based on the comments the WBB fans are not at all happy with Stringer. I don't follow the program but haven't seen much from them for several years.

    Will be interesting to see how that all works out.

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