San Diego State 80, USC 46

San Diego, Calif. – San Diego State used 46.4 percent shooting and a lot of energy to stomp USC Friday night, 80-46.

The Aztecs, hampered with injuries, dressed only nine players to 12 for the Trojans, but they outplayed the visitors in every statistical category including assists and rebounds. USC never lead after the 16:27 first half mark.

Courtney Clements lead SDSU with 25 points, Chelsea Hopkins added 13, and Nae Scurry had 11. For the Trojans, Cassie Harberts put up 15 points and Ariya Cook, 11.

USC looked slow from the start, and shot only 30.3 percent in the first half and 32.1 percent for the game. SDSU outscored them 36-14 in the paint, and out-rebounded them, 48-29.

Box score.

SDSU is now 4-2 and USC, 3-3.

Full photo gallery, including the pictures below.

Courtney Clements storms up court for the Aztecs in the first half. She finished with 25 points.

Chelsea Hopkins ices a free throw. The point guard had 13 points for SDSU.

Kiki Alofaituli tries to get the ball to Cassie Harberts.

Also last night, Cal survived a quick scare from Old Dominion before pummeling them 63-47.

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  1. Ahh, I don't really know what to think of Cooper anymore. Year after year, it's just been mediocrity at USC and yes, although it is still very early on in the season and this young group is just starting to gel, and yes, although there have been serious injuries throughout the years, it's just a little frustrating and disheartening considering all the talent we have coming in, the great facilities, the All-Americans, and the numerous accolades all these recruits we have coming in get, but year after year we get the same results with Cooper. I'm starting to lose a little bit of patience and hope, sadly, and I really don't want to. Coming from an alum, it stinks to see your program stay "mediocre" for lack of a better word. But idk what else to think. I'm going to still hope for the best, after all, Fight On.

    But I'm curious, Sue, your thoughts on the state of the program, as well as Cooper? What is your opinion if the Trojans fail to do well this season?

  2. I'm not sure I have anymore ideas about why the mediocrity year after year than you do, Alan. The team has great chemistry off court and in practices, and they've not been short of talent for a long time. It's mystifying.

    I've heard that USC has been trying to make Cooper so miserable he'll quit. His contract is up at the end of this season, so take your guesses from that.

    I've always said that anyone not on the team doesn't have anything to say. What I do know is that Michael Cooper is a caring, outstanding person.

  3. Maybe Coop is too nice. After all it isn't social work, it's coaching.

    I'm stunned by the lack of defensive effort. You don't get beat by 34 points by a program like SDSU's if you are working your tail off on defense. I mean seriously, SDSU suited up what, 9 ballers?!?

    Maybe being able to recruit these "stars" out of AAU, Club and HS that have been able to produce lots offense at the lower levels isn't really the answer, particularly if somehow the SC WBB winning culture has been lost in the bargain.

    Looks like Coop needs to ease himself back into retirement and they need to bring someone in to remind everyone of the SC WBB tradition. Maybe C Miller would be willing to coach for the right deal.

    Based upon the performance of SC and UCLA so far serious LA fans should consider supporting LMU and Long Beach State until their big sisters decide to play ball.

  4. You are correct, defense and part of the problem could be that some of these kids didn't work that hard before college I heard a comment from someone who said Adams said her high school practices were tougher than USCs. So it could be 2fold on the coach and on some of the players.

  5. I suppose one other possibility is that Coop is gun shy due to SC's ongoing serious injury problems so he's afraid to push them too hard in practices. Might explain the lack of defensive intensity. It certainly isn't because he doesn't understand defense. The guy was one of the best defenders in the league when he played.

  6. Anonymous said: "Based upon the performance of SC and UCLA so far serious LA fans should consider supporting LMU and Long Beach State until their big sisters decide to play ball."

    The UCLA women are doing just fine — #19 in the country, with one loss to #5 Notre Dame and an upset of ranked Oklahoma at Oklahoma, as well as double-digit wins over SDSU and LMU. And this is with some players injured and/or rehabbing. So I'm not sure why the Bruins are being put in the same category with the Trojans. (Perhaps the poster is confusing the UCLA women with the UCLA men, who have been quite disappointing this season.)

  7. SDSU and Coach Beth Burns deserve a lot of credit for Friday's win. They played hard and hungry with a small roster – much harder than USC played.

    It was the Aztecs who made it to the Sweet 16 in 2010, and to the final 32 last year – not USC or UCLA.

  8. For chrissakes. I'm saying give credit where credit is due instead of making excuses for the loss. SDSU was good enough to whip their asses, and they did just that. Boo hoo hoo for you.

  9. With all the Anonymous posters, it's hard to tell who's saying what. I was defending UCLA, not USC. I have no problem giving SDSU credit for beating USC. Neither of my two posts defended USC's loss, so I'm not sure where your response is coming from.