1. No idea why they would let her out of jail under these circumstances with her history. Obviously mentally unstable and packing a 9mm which she shot at her ex.

    The real question here is why didn't she get charged with attempted murder and why in the world would someone this ill be let out of jail for 10K,

    They'd better hope she doesn't go sideways again.


  2. There's been confusion about the amount of her bond; I think the AJC has it right:

    "… Fulton County Magistrate Judge Roy Roberts set Holdsclaw’s bond at $100,000 at a first appearance hearing Friday morning at the Fulton County jail. Roberts ordered Holdsclaw to wear an ankle monitor as a condition of bail. …"


  3. There is no confusion. The bond was set by the court at $100K. Bailbond companies typically advance the full amount to the court for a fee of 10% of the set bond hence the $10K cash amount. Additionally as security for repayment in case she jumps bail someone has pledged assets for the full bond amount to cover the repayment of the $100K.

    In any case she shouldn't be out on bail in the first place for any amount. She should be in custody undergoing in depth review of her mental stability to make sure she doesn't decide to use her baseball bat or handgun again on an ex-lover two days after she was out publicly pitching how she had successfully dealt with her mental challenges.

    Someone with a clue needs to step into the breach and deal with this situation. Since it appears the court has given her a get out of jail card hopefully someone else close to her will do it.

    People should remember the old saying about how everything is fun and games until someone gets hurt (in this case likely killed).

    This is no joke nor is it something particularly new in WBB, particularly at the college level.

  4. In this country you have a right to bond. If she the set amount then she is free. I am fairly confident that there is some of sort of "stay away" order in effect (though it is only a piece of paper). Should she violate that order, her bond would be immediately revoked.

    In order to prove attempt murder (a specific attempt crime) you have to have a deliberate act (got that), and be able to PROVE that the person's intent was actually trying to kill the other person (not sure that exists). Her reckless actions do not prove her intent. Prosecutors would have a hard time proving she was trying to kill Lacy.

    In Georgia the maximum sentence for Aggravated Assault (with a weapon) is 20 years. It's not likely that she would get such a sentence, but it sounds like things could be pretty bad IF she is convicted.

    I am more curious to see if Jen will follow through in assisting prosecutors in this matter. She may be more interested in Mique getting some help for her mental issues than seeing her go to prison.

    I have been dealing with a friend who is also bi-polar and recently gone through a significant break up. I have watched her turn from normally a fun loving, easy going person, into an irrational, out of control, mean-spirited individual, that has been very hard to deal with. It has been shocking, sad and heartbreaking.

    There are no winners here. Jen could have some long standing emotional issues and obviously Chamique has huge issues to face in her future.

  5. Actually I believe that In this country you have the right to be considered for a bond. There is no "right" to a bond without conditions or consideration of the facts. It is not rare depending upon the charges and the status of the accused to either deny bail or effectively deny bail by setting it high enough that it is difficult to meet. I'm not saying this is right or wrong, but that's how it works.

    If you believe that a restraining order will stop a mentally ill person who has already gone after someone with a bat and handgun then you aren't familiar with the real world impact of these types or orders.

    The difference between an aggravated assault charge and a murder charge is whether or not the prosecutors believe Holdsclaw is a bad aim or not. If I was someone who cared for Ms. Lacy I'd be furious with the bail. Actually that's not true. I don't know Lacy from my big toe but I'm still furious.

    I love basketball or I wouldn't read this blog, but that doesn't override basic fairness and the right of Lacy not to have to worry about being killed in the next parking lot she rolls into by a crazy ex-lover.

    I don't care if Holdsclaw is sad, bipolar, mean spirited or out of control. Given the well documented track record of her problems and the fact that she's now decided to personally terrorize this young woman I don't care anywhere near as much about Chamique's rights as I care about Lacy's right to live.

    This is shameful. I'm angry about everyone feeling sorry for Holdsclaw. Her problems have been well known for years. No one in a position of authority has stepped up to get her the help she needs, the WNBA included. If she is such an icon where is the institutional support?

    Over the past several years there have been at least two and I think three situations in which current or former WCBB players have murdered their lesbian ex-lovers. I don't feel like documenting the detail right now but if anyone actually cares let me know I'll go back for the detail and post it here. As a preview as I recall one young lady was murdered while sitting in the drive up window for a fast food place.

    As all of you should already know, the issue of interpersonal violence within lesbian couples is not a new problem. The fact that a WNBA "legend" is now involved is the only change.

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I'm sure you will make sure she doesn't put others at significant risk of losing their lives due to her challenges.

  6. Gail, thanks for the information about Georgia. I appreciate your perspective as an officer. I don't believe Holdsclaw is bi-polar, though – she suffers from clinical depression. This is also her first violent offense of any kind, which is why it took many off guard.

  7. 7:30 a.m. anonymous:

    Society doesn't work that way, for someone "in a position of authority" to force Holdsclaw to get treatment. If you had read her book and heard her speak, you'd know that she has received treatment for years. People are trying to understand why she allegedly did what she did the other day, but no one will really know unless she explains publicly.

    Secondly, domestic violence is far from being an issue only for same-sex couples. Don't kid yourself. When incidents like this occur, those like you extrapolate them to include the entire group when that is not the case.

    Prayers are needed for everyone in this situation.

  8. I don't kid myself about anything:

    – Everyone with a clue already knew Holdsclaw had issues
    – She has been supporting herself by writing and lecturing about her mental problems for years
    – I didn't say domestic violence was unique to lesbian couples. I said it was a well documented issue, which it is. If you care about facts check out the peer reviewed academic social science studies and published crime stats.

    I don't pray, but if I did it would be limited to the victim, not the perpetrator. Holdsclaw needs to own her life and her outcomes. I'm not willing to wait for her aim to be better. If you think that approach is appropriate then shame on you.

    I'm wondering exactly what you mean by "those like you". Does that mean logical people that expect adults to be responsible for the actions or something else?

  9. 1. She's been lecturing for about a year, not "years."

    2. Find a link and post it.

    3. No, shame on you for judging.

    4. People like yourself who make sweeping generalizations. You make me sick.

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