Kendall Cooper picks Duke

Class of 2013 #12 Kendall Cooper has chosen Duke.

She made the announcement earlier today at her high school.


  1. UCLA lost Cooper with their hamfisted treatment of her Cal Storm teammate Moriah Faulk. They hosted four Storm teammates, Cooper, Chidom, Waters and Green and three of them committed elsewhere and Green of 2014 is a longshot at best. Cooper was the best prospect of the four since she was local but UCLA still faded. Cori Close has now lost three Storm players, Faulk, Hartman and Perry and it was unrealistic to think her coaching staff could charm the heavily influential Storm head Quintero.

    Unless this staff can establish a stronger presence in their own backyard, their tenure will not be long. It'll take more than winning games. They'll have to gain the trust of the community and that will take time, something that they've wasted this recruiting year by chasing rainbows.