Bill Laimbeer is new GM/Coach of the New York Liberty

The official release came a few hours ago, that the new boss calling the shots at New York Liberty headquarters will be Bill Laimbeer. The former Detroit Shock coach replaces John Whisenant, who held the same position for the last two seasons.

Laimbeer talks to ESPN.

I understand that Laimbeer also interviewed for at least one other league coach/GM position.


  1. Don't like Laimbeer at all. Remember Plenette Pearson mugging Candace Parker? He was a thug in the NBA with Detroit and coached thug tactics at the W Detroit franchise.

    The W should be able to do better than this clown.

  2. As you know, coaches set the tone.

    New York better hope that Laimbeer suddenly got some class cause he doesn't have much going in.

  3. The coach does set the tone, but not as much in pro hoops as high school and college. Pierson was Pierson before the Shock. Did you see Katie Smith jumping into that brawl? No you didn't.

    Most of it with Laimbeer is just an act – he loves being the bad guy, the way John McEnroe did 30 years ago. Anytime he played against Michael Cooper, you knew both teams would be hyped up for their coach's pre-game trash talking (also fake).

    As Public Enemy said, don't believe the hype.

  4. If you think Laimbeer is such a choirboy go back and look at tape of the Bulls / Pistons match ups during the strong Piston years. The worst sportsmanship and thuggery in this history of the NBA. Not to mention Isaiah Thomas' bigoted racial comments about white ballers on the Celtics.

    I don't wish the New York W team ill but those Piston teams were the worst example of what fans should expect of pro ballers in the history of the NBA and Laimbeer was right in the thick of it.

  5. As a diehard Liberty Fan, this does not give me the warm and fuzzy.

    In all honesty, I think a different coach will probably meet with the same results as the last 3 coaches….just barely make the playoffs and then lose…and ultimately get no better…every year.

    We have personnel issues whether we want to face it or not. We have good players and even better people on the Liberty roster, but we need more go to players to make this team go any further than losing in the 1st round of the playoffs.

    I've never ever ever liked Laimbeer… as a player or a coach…and I'll still find it hard to like him now…even if he wins a few more games than the last guy…all that said…I remain…a Liberty Fan till I die!

  6. Never said he was a choirboy, Anonymous. And who he was as a player and who he is as a coach 20-30 years later aren't necessarily one and the same.

    Sorry to hear that, Furman. Was hoping Lib fans would be happy.