Fallout from Cheryl Reeve technical

For her jacket-tearing technical in last night’s game, Lynx Coach Cheryl Reeve has the support of her mother and Rick Mahorn. But Fever Coach Lin Dunn said it showed “a lack of respect,” and thought Reeve should have been tossed from the game.

The episode has gone viral.

The league says last night’s game was the most-viewed playoff game on ESPN since 1999.

In the meantime, Lynx players are getting ready for game three tomorrow (with some video of Dunn, too).

It doesn’t sound like Katie Douglas will be playing tomorrow night.


  1. Seriously? Reeve's mom and Rick Mahorn, one of the biggest gangsters from the biggest cheap shot team in NBA history support her foolishness? Maybe they should have checked with Bobby Knight too. He probably would have been cool with it. What a joke.

    Dunn's comments were 100% spot on. Good for her not putting up with this BS. That lady has some class and is fearless. We'll see if the W does the right thing as far as sanctions on MN and Reeve.

    Let's net this out for those out there that don't follow or understand how playoff basketball works:

    – Defense wins championships at every level. Indiana has done defense all year. MN just discovered they had to do it when their shots aren't falling. Shocked the team and Reeve.

    – MN lost the HC advantage in the first game and they lost the class advantage in the second. Remember these games were played on their home court.

    – IN is going home pissed.

    – The refs are human. If anyone thinks they are going to forget Dunn's class and Reeve's lack of class they don't understand how roundball works.

    – MN has three technicals in two games, at home. They're already out of control emotionally.

    – Indiana in Five