WNBA Finals, game 1: Fever 76, Lynx 70

Just, wow.

The Fever, playing without Katie Douglas, beat the Lynx 76-70 in front of a sold-out crowd of 14,322. Erlana Larkins was the difference for Indiana:

Larkins had 16 points and 15 rebounds and Tamika Catchings had 20 points, three steals and four blocks. The two hurt and frustrated the Lynx on both ends of the court.

Seimone Augustus led the Lynx with 23 points but the home team had trouble handling the ball (17 turnovers) and shooting from behind the arc (5-for-18).

This is the first time the Lynx, the defending WNBA champions and the top seed this year, have trailed in three playoff series this year.

USA Today: Fever stun the Lynx.

Fever recap.

Notes and quotes.

Game highlights.

Post game videos:

Catchings and Erin Phillips.

Lindsay Whalen and Augustus.

Fever Coach Lin Dunn.

Lynx Coach Cheryl Reeve.

Box score.

Photo gallery…….

Gotta love Seimone Augustus’ pissed-off face in photo 11.

Love the hops on display in picture 14.

The drama of picture 25.

Larkins beating three in picture 30.

Not enough Catchings photos, though.

Just, wow.

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  1. Not impressed with Augustus. That pic of her is right before she got T'd up for whining about that hard pic foul. I thought that was a momentum changer. Seems like more should have been expected of Augustus given her role on the team. The last thing they needed was to lose their cool at home and subsequently lose the home court. They didn't need her acting like a rookie.

  2. Yes, I saw the T. It surprised me.

    I am amused by the photo because you so rarely see Augustus show any sort of emotion. Right after the T, fans were saying that now Augustus would be fired up. Indeed, she was more so after that. My question, which I posted on twitter, is: why isn't she that fired up for every game, and without a technical?

  3. There you go. I don't follow this enough to know for sure, but some ballers play better when they're pissed. I don't know if Augustus is one of those or not. Seen a lot of players get angry and then get out of their game because of it. Seems like that's what happened with her.

    She was a total bricklayer for the rest of the game. Couldn't even buy a free throw at the end when she's shooting 85% + for the season. I think she beat herself.

    In any case. Indiana was impressive. Totally stared MN down. That Aussie can hang the three too. I also like their coach's vocabulary. The series is now theirs to lose.