Longtime Lady Vol employees file discrimination suit

Athletic trainer Jenny Moshak, strength and conditioning coach Heather Mason and former strength coach Collin Schlosser have filed a lawsuit against the University of Tennessee in U.S. District Court, alleging discrimination and retaliation:

The suit, which was filed Thursday by attorneys Keith D. Stewart and Stacey C. Sisco, alleges that the university has created “a testosterone wall” effectively prohibiting women from earning equal pay and “further denying Plaintiffs the opportunity to advance their careers by working in men’s athletics at the University of Tennessee.”

Thursday’s suit alleges that the university relies on “market factors” as a pretext to justify systemic discrimination against women and women’s athletics. It also alleges that justification for promotions during and after the athletic department merger “relied extensively on a staff member’s experience working with a men’s sport.”


  1. I was sickened by many of the comments on that story. So many men, when it comes to sports, simply loathe women: on the court, on the bench, in the training room. How do they treat their female relatives, I wonder?

  2. They probably treat them just fine at home, etc – it's only in sports. The same is true for high school PE teachers like myself: in most schools you get treated like shit. I'm working on a book.

    Then you have crazy assholes like the dude who came on this site the other day and, when he got mad at me, started calling women's basketball names.

    This is what we have to overcome to be in sports.

  3. What a surprise, attorneys are getting involved. According to the article this is a two year old complaint that has been rejected twice by the UT Office of Equity and Diversity and once by the State Office of Equal Employment Opportunity.

    So these employees feelings are hurt due to reassignments from a downsizing in the UT athletic dept so rather than live with the prior decisions that were rendered by organizations that were specifically created to deal with precisely this type of claim they go out and find a couple of ambulance chasing attorneys that want to litigate based upon a victim theory and their quaint new concept of a "Testosterone Wall" whatever that is.

    It is interesting to watch how comfortable, secure State employees react when the reality of a bad economy finally impacts their employment. This is something that "regular folks" that don't get their paychecks from the taxpayers via the government live with every day.

    The only people that deserve empathy in this situation are the taxpayers of Tennessee, since they are paying the freight no matter how this turns out.
    Too bad.