Lynx at Sparks preview

Following their loss to Minnesota in game one Thursday night, Sparks players had different takes on what went wrong:

Candace Parker was irritated by her team’s indecisive pick-and-roll defense and lack of overall fight. DeLisha Milton-Jones saw a deficient sense of urgency. Alana Beard thought the Sparks didn’t defend or rebound well enough to get their all-important transition game going. Kristi Toliver felt the Sparks started the game back on their heels, and never recovered.

Whatever the case, it’s do or die tomorrow for LA.

Some think home court advantage will be big for the Sparks. They play at 12:30 p.m. Pacific time.

I have it on extremely good authority that the Sparks will be very ready to go tomorrow.

And there will be some WNBA awards given prior to the game. I’ll be there and will keep you updated:


  1. The fact that Parker is pissed is a very good thing. She should be. If the Sparks can't get jacked up for playoff games they don't deserve to win. I also wonder if it's a bit of a coaching prep issue?

    It's cool that you'll be able to attend.

  2. I've been watching Parker play for so many years, and I know when she's pissed. She was pissed X 10 Thursday night.

    Carol Ross is a very intelligent and motivational coach, so I doubt if it's a coaching prep issue.

    I think fans have to remember that it was only last year – the third in a row – that the team's morale was in the sewer. That doesn't just change in one season; they're still getting used to winning and expecting to win. Give them some time. Ross has made big, big gains with them this year. That will only continue.

  3. I want to see the kind of emotion she had when she body slammed Plenette Pierson after being hammered all night against Detroit.

    Obviously it should be focused in a more positive direction, but u get the drift.