Pat Summitt refutes claims she was forced out

In a statement today, Pat Summitt said it “was entirely her decision” to step down as Tennessee’s head coach last April.

Summitt said she wanted to clear up “misunderstandings”:

“I did not then, and I do not now, feel that I was `forced out’ by the university,” Summitt said. “Anyone who knows me knows that any such effort would be met with resistance. If my affidavit has caused confusion on that point, it needs to be dispelled.”


  1. What? So now we've got Jenning's lawyer claiming that Summitt told Jennings something that Pat now says didn't actually happen?!? Makes me wonder if Summitt had any legal counsel when she read and signed the affidavit. A person would have thought… She was probably just trying to be supportive of Jennings.

    What a mess. If UT fans are pissed at anyone it looks like it should be Jennings and her fricking attorney.


  2. i still dont like dave hart and he still needs to go!!
    if u read again the affidavit, it said pat INITIALLY felt forced out.

  3. Hart is an easy guy not to like. That said anytime an outsider is brought in and has to reorganize they are considered bad guys. Happens in business all the time, not as often in academia / college sports.

    I haven't read one bad thing about the Hart era at Texas particularly as it concerns women's sports.

    I don't think Hart is going anywhere.

  4. i heard that dave hart was also in trouble for same issues (gander discrimination) when he was in florida state. anybody also hear about this ???