Giving credit where credit is due: WNBA

Five months ago, I called out the WNBA for its failure to publicize itself. They were complaining about not getting enough publicity, but they were not using their own twitter account to broadcast links that could generate interest and put butts in seats.

The WNBA could still be doing better. They don’t tweet NEAR the number of stories that they could – and they really should. But to give credit where credit is due: they’re doing better. now provides regular game updates and results, and retweets players often. They’ve also begun letting players take over the league twitter for a certain period of time. The WNBA seems to be learning that to survive in today’s world, you have to do the Twitter thing.

Good job, league. Keep evolving.


  1. if anyone is interested, at the recent ESPNW Women's Sports Summit Hannah Storm hosted a panel titled "Replay: State of the WNBA". There is an embedded video of the discussion at the following link.

    This is the first time I've heard Laurel Richie speak at any length and she echoed what you said about embracing new media. I guess that's fine as far as it goes although it certainly isn't particularly innovative thinking given what is going on in most businesses. I didn't come away very impressed with her but I'm probably biased because I already didn't think much of her. I find it hard to get enthusiastic about a WNBA commissioner who never attended a league game until she was handed the job by Stern.

    The panel also included three programing and basketball product people from ESPN who were very knowledgeable about WBB and did a good job of explaining what was going on.

    It runs a bit long but is probably worth watching.