Candace Parker and Allyson Felix forge a cross-sport friendship

When two (nice) super powers make friends, it’s a cool thing.


  1. Both of these women have always been class acts.

    Parker makes it really easy to get behind the Sparks in the playoffs. She pretty much does everything with excellence, maturity and more importantly true leadership.

    If you look into both of their backgrounds the one common denominator is extremely strong and supportive families.

    There's a lesson in there somewhere.

  2. I'm not necessarily saying there is a direct correlation but both also have successful world class / pro athlete level big brothers.

    Those of us that have older siblings understand the significance. I don't know if the gender thing is as important as having a hard working successful sibling as a role model. I don't think the importance can be overstated.

    Oh yeah, good genes help…

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