WNBA draft lottery stunner

As seen on TV – at a later time than was advertised – Phoenix won the 2013 WNBA draft lottery. The Sky will pick second, the Shock third, and the Mystics, fourth.

The possibility of choosing Baylor center Brittney Griner first is a predicament Mercury Coach Corey Gaines is happy to be in. Carolyn Peck talks about the 6-foot-8 Griner’s potential impact to a WNBA team.

What was magical for the Mercury was rough for the Mystics, says ESPN.

All of that is currently overshadowed, however, by the amount of fan outrage that sprang up on Twitter immediately following the draft lottery, which was done behind closed doors. A great many fans think that the Mercury purposefully lost a lot of games this year to have a better chance of winning first pick in the draft, including this columnist. The sheer amount of certainty on this fact among WNBA players, media and fans surprised even me. I feel for Mercury players, as they will undoubtedly hear a lot of “boo”s next season.

Aside from that, today’s results bring up several questions that also relate to the other two big names in next year’s draft – Elena Delle Donne and Skylar Diggins:

1. Will Phoenix pick Griner? Sparks play-by-play dude Larry Burnett said Corey Gaines told him last week that Griner doesn’t fit their system – something Carolyn Peck echoed today.

2. If they take Griner, what will the Mercury do with superwoman DeWanna Bonner?

3. If the Mercury don’t choose Griner, who would they pick? Logic says Delle Donne, as they don’t need another point guard.

4. Though Delle Donne is arguably the most skilled player of the three, should the Sky choose her if Phoenix doesn’t? Logic says that they’d try to get Diggins, an Indiana native, which would help sell more tickets.

5. Who would the Mystics pick in a thin-side draft?

6. Why do the Mystics and Shock have such bad luck?


  1. What a Joke. Precisely the outcome that PHX didn't deserve. Just gives fans another reason to by cynical about the W. Also doesn't do much for Taurasi's personal brand.

    I think it's a No Brainer that PHX takes Griner and redesigns their roster / game around her. Passing on Griner would be like passing Chamberlin back in the day. I'm not certain she helps the W become more marketable or viable but she'll certainly impact the game and improve the PHX gate.

    I like EDD a ton, but I imagine that she'll want to stay on the East Coast due to her little sister. She's very marketable. Great story and background. I think she's going to have to get stronger in the pros though. She seemed pretty frail in the NCAAs last year. Of course in the W they probably won't be triple teaming or box & oneing her all the time.

    Although Diggins has been strongly hyped I don't think she is in the class of Griner and EDD. She is very marketable tho.

    Ya gotta feel for the Mystics. That big loyal fan base deserves a break. Just looks like more turmoil for them.

  2. Hey HuskyGirl – I don't have a huge problem with UConn in general, but Taurasi looks like a total Kink on this deal. It's a character issue. Geno can't rescue her from this.

    Further EDD stuck around Storrs for what…48 hours? She's not the first high potential recruit to walk away from the "UConn Sure Thing". Didn't seem to hurt EDD's career much, huh? The fact that EDD was able to drag Delaware from obscurity to relevance is amazing particularly when you look at her academic performance.

    I was looking for a UConn high potential draftee and didn't see one in that top three thingy. Did I miss something?

    Seems the screw may have turned.

  3. Anonymous

    Actually, you didn't see a high profiled UConn draftee on the list, not every year you will see one. But I do know Geno has 13 players in the WNBA, most of ANY School. Now that we have Parody in Wms College Hoops, don't forget who owned the League. 5 Titles in 10 years, who else is doing it. How quickly people forget. Smh tisk tisk

  4. Hey Husky – I think you mean parity, right? That said the Parody thing is pretty funny. Mebee you're a comedian on the side?

    There is no doubt that UConn used to be consistently at the top but the program just isn't what it has been in the past. They just don't have the horses anymore. I like Bria Hartley a lot but other than that the skills are underwhelming. I will give credit to Geno tho for sticking with Doty even tho she balls on one leg. She would have been a true star. I want to get behind Dolson but she's just too heavy footed to be a true elite baller in spite of the preseason honors.

    Seems to me that Geno's days of having all of the top recruits standing in line to ball for him are over. EDD proved that true stars can make things happen in other programs. That actually goes for all levels, D1, D2, D3 & NAIA. No different than men's sports. Many talented kids now decide to play in smaller ponds instead of sitting on the bench in big programs. It's that old, "big fish, little pond" thing. That said EDD could ball in the Pacific Ocean and it wouldn't be too big for her skills.

    If games were won and programs sustained by reputation alone then no one would have to suit up, right? It isn't about what they did, it's about what they are going to do.

    All of this said, no matter how good a baller someone is character issues have sunk much bigger talents than Taurasi. I don't wish her ill but if it has a negative outcome for her and PHX they will have earned it in spades.

  5. Geno does a fantastic job with the talent he has. How many thought we would've ended up back in the F4 post Maya? No other Coach with that Squad would've done the same. *clears throat* Not every team with the #1 player in the Country wins Titles, that's just the way it goes. Talk about recruiting, we landed the #1, #2, and #6 player in the Country, that's not bad.

    Tell me this, what Team are you a fan of? This answer will determine whether or not I continue this convo.

  6. Seriously? Geno has been getting almost all of the talent he's wanted for years. I would love to have fielded a team with the ballers on scholarship at UConn that never got to play. Coulda been a contenda with them for sure.

    In any case if UConn deserves to win they will. I'm just sayin that Dolson reminds me of all the big, slow ballers that used to try to compete at Stanford when they never got there. It wasn't until the Ogwumike sis's showed up in the 4 & 5 for Stanford that they owned their space and kicked ass. You aren't winning anything with Dolson in the 5. Sorry because she seems like a cool person.

    I'm taking:

    – Delaware and EDD – Coming off a super strong season last year and strengthened with maturity and more JC talent. If EDD got stronger in the off season and is able to sustain the beatings then they've got a shot at a Larry Bird Michigan State type senior year for Elena. They just need to win the final.

    – Louisville – Shoni Shimmel is a total baller. Kind of a gunner but should have matured more now and be ready to rock. She's also got a little sis on the team by the name of Jude that can totally bring it too. I'm still pissed about how the refs let Maryland mug them in the NCAAs last year. They'll be a year stronger and smarter this go around. If they're smart they won't let the thugs from Maryland beat on them. Plus I'm all about a Native American getting it done on a national stage to represent all of the res ballers that never escaped.

  7. By the way, I don't care if you "bless" me with the continuation of the conversation or not.

    Just calling you and your UConn bias out. Most everyone is tired of hearing it and I'm totally tired of being nice about it so I'm pretty much done wicha.